Welcome to the Transform Facilitator Course!

Learn to create, market & lead group life coaching programs or Transform groups from the creator of the Transform group coaching program and founder of Integrative Wellness Academy, Rachel Eva! Learn how to master adding the group coaching programs or Transform program successfully to your coaching business model.

We know that you were expecting only a 6-week course, however Rachel Eva added an additional lesson for free! The Additional lesson is specifically focused on how to take the Transform 12-week program and condense the materials into holding retreats as well as how to create your own life coaching based retreats.

As a student in the Transform Facilitator Course you have access to the private student group created just for this course. Please be sure to send a request to join this immediately so that you do gain the community and support you need to succeed in your group coaching business. Here is the link to join

What you will get out of the 6-Weeks with Rachel:

  • The clarity and structure of how to create and lead group coaching programs
  • Deeper understanding & confidence leading and facilitating the Transform Program content
  • Additional revenue stream for your business
  • Clearly outlined steps to leading coaching groups successfully
  • A better way to maximize your time and income
  • Feedback and support through the private online student group

Here’s how the 6-weeks will be broken down –
Lesson 1: Niching Your Transform Group or Group Coaching Program Content & Targeting Your Audience Effectively
Lesson 2: Pricing and Structure For Your Group Coaching Program
Lesson 3: Specific Messaging & Marketing Materials
Lesson 4: Promoting and Selling Your Transform Group or Group Coaching Program
Lesson 5: Steps to Leading Your Transform Group or Group Coaching Program
Lesson 6: Learning to Teach & Facilitate the Transform 12-Weeks of Content or Your Own Content & Group Follow Up Steps
(*Including the consultative sales conversation and invitation to up level participants into one-on-one coaching programs)
Bonus Lesson 7: Creating Retreats

We recommend doing one lesson each week and spending time journaling, brainstorming and integrating what you learn within that lesson before moving on to the following lesson.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at info@iwacoaching.com

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