ILC Certification, MILC Certification & BMC 12-Week Course

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You want more… you want to be the best and an expert in your field!

  • Tired of the guesswork? 
  • Overwhelmed with where to start?
  • Drained from trying to figure out all the pieces?
  • Confused by all of the different steps to building your business and mastering the art of coaching?

Gain the advanced training, knowledge and tools to – 

  • Increase your earning potential
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Master the art of coaching
  • Master the business side of coaching
  • Expand your ability to support clients
  • Deepen your expertise
  • Build a niche of expertise
  • Market yourself as an expert in your field

We now have ALL the solutions together for you – 

  1. Become a certified Integrative Life Coach
    with our ILC Online Certification Course
  2. Master building a successful coaching business with our Business Mastery 12-Week Course
  3. Earn your advanced specialty certification as a Master Integrative Coach through our Online MILC Certification Course and choose your own niche for your certificate

Enroll in this special all inclusive offer and receive all three trainings at a reduced enrollment rate!

Want to take these advanced courses while working at your own pace and avoiding costly travel? We have heard your many requests and have provided this limited opportunity to take all three courses together online, the foundational practitioner level Integrative Life Coaching Certification Course, Master Integrative Life Coaching Certification Course AND our 12-Week Business Mastery Course!

About ILC –

Integrative Life Coaching Certification Course

IWA trains and certifies integrative life coaches to transform lives. IWA integrative life coaching programs uniquely combine life coaching fundamentals, holistic life model, proprietary Inside-Out Outside-In Coaching Model, diverse healing modalities, coaching business basics, and life coaching certification. This is next level life coaching!

ILC is taught by IWA instructors, who share life coach training, tools, and techniques to help you become an Integrative Life Coach. Begin your life coaching practice today!

Life Coaching Foundations
  • Coaching core competencies: Set the foundation
    Powerful questioning
    Active listening
    Coaching agreements Establishing rapport
    Direct communication
    Create awareness
    Forwarding the action
  • Learn to co-create the relationship, create coaching plans, design actions, and goal setting
  • Learn to manage progress and accountability
  • Live coaching examples and exercises
Life Coaching Frameworks
  • Proprietary Holistic Life Model for balancing the 4 systems
  • Proprietary Inside-Out, Outside-In Coaching Model
  • Integrative life coaching approach addresses all areas of client’s life:
    Life Coaching
    Career Coaching
    Performance Coaching
    Family Coaching
    Relationship Coaching
    Health Coaching
    Transition Coaching
    Wellness Coaching
  • Understand how to research, facilitate learning, and provide credible resources 
  • Learn to apply coaching models
Life Coaching Techniques
  • Learn over 20 different healing modalities
  • Learn powerful healing techniques:
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    Emotional Clearing Method™ (ECM)
    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    Meditation techniques Emotional healing techniques
    Thought pattern management
    Behavior change techniques
    Visualization techniques
  • Receive forms and exercises you can use with your clients
  • Learn to lead group coaching  sessions
  • Learn techniques to transition group clients into private client relationships
Life Coaching
  • Immediately launch your own coaching practice, plan your career, select your coaching specialty, and find your niche
  • Learn how to get life coach liability insurance to protect your business
  • Cover business basics, including legal, policies, ethical guidelines, and professional standards
  • Learn how to price, market, and sell your services
  • Gain information to establish and leverage partnerships
  • Learn simple effective ways to lead group coaching and transition group clients into private client relationships
Life Coaching Certification
  • Comprehensive online course, move at your own pace with up to 6 months to complete certification
  • Based on 20 years of research, education, and clinical best practices
  • In-person training or online course certification options
  • Bring coaching knowledge to your organization, existing career, or begin a new career in coaching
  • All IWA courses include certification, which depends on successful completion of Wellness Journal, Client Intake and History, 30-Day Action Plan, Practicum, and Final Exam

About BMC – 

A 12-week course that will transform your business!

One of the largest challenges and roadblocks that keep coaches, health & wellness practitioners, mental health practitioners and even doctors from a successful and thriving business is the lack of business and marketing mastery from their tool box.

This business mastery course assist’s our graduates and other practitioners in becoming better equipped to easily develop, launch and maintain thriving businesses as coaches and/or practitioners. It is a program that she and our other instructors have developed to help answer the needs and concerns of the thousands of coaches we have trained, which is…

How to I build a successful business as a coach?

How do I create a thriving business step-by-step?

How do I get new clients?

How do I uniquely position myself as a coach?

In this advanced business mastery course you will learn:

  • How to build, run and market a successful private practice as a coach or practitioner
  • Learn from square one what tools you will need
  • How to cost effectively and simply create your business
  • How to navigate online products, services, sales and marketing
  • How to best utilize technology to support your business needs
  • How to develop your unique message and marketing tools to maximize your time, resources and income

You will work through assignments and lessons each week to help you stay on track and achieve your business goals.

During the 12 weeks you will:

  1. Write a business model plan for your business (outline offerings and financial models)
  2. Clearly define your mission, vision and niche
  3. Define your target audience (your ideal client)
  4. How to effectively market to them to get new clients
  5. Step-by-step information on how to build all of the elements of your business
  6. Be required to do weekly assignments and action steps to build out your business
  7. Insider access to how an IWA instructor runs her private practice
  8. Gain private access to our private business mastery program community on Facebook (we encourage students to post their assignments and share with the group for feedback and support)

What are our students saying about the BMC course?

The IWA 12 Week Business Program that IWA created has been my most valuable training to date as a coach. I have struggled creating a profitable business over the past 10+ years and have worked with numerous other coaching programs to try to figure it all out. None have been as valuable, resourceful and real as this one. Finally, someone told me the truth, that there is no “magic formula”, but that my results are up to me and with patience, practice and persistence, success will prevail. They give you the tools and processes in a clear, step by step manner to create a successful business from the inside out while sharing and demonstrating from their own experience. I have started implementing the teachings and am already seeing results. I am so excited that, for the first time, I truly feel that having a successful coaching business is possible! – Debra

I had the privilege of participating in IWA’s Business Mastery Class.  Being completely new to this field, I realized there was a lot I needed to learn about establishing, building and maintaining a private coaching practice, but I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. This class begins at step one, asking you to define your desired client, and moving forward logically.  The weekly assignments are challenging.  They require a lot of thought.  They also bring a lot of clarity and direction as to where I want to go with my business and what I need to do in order to succeed. I know I will keep my class notes for years, referencing them regularly.  I know I will also continue to reference course materials IWA maintains on their website, accessible to their students. I don’t recall how much I paid to participate in IWA’s Business Mastery Class, but I know it was one of the best investments in my future that I have ever made.  I encourage all coaches, whether new to the field or tenured, to enroll in this program.  You will not believe how much they pack into this 2-week course. – Ric

This has been the beginning of the most amazing journey in the next phase of my life. No matter what happens moving forward, all of the BMC course work has given me tools that will help me for the rest of my life – professionally and personally. – Sabrina

Don’t waste time and energy trying to re-invent the wheel. After training thousands of coaches and practitioners learn what works in today’s market in order to increase your business fulfillment and success!

About MILC –

Are you ready to take your coaching practice to the next level? Are you looking to add new tools to your coaching tool-belt to support your clients and your own personal development even more? IWA invites you to take the next step in developing your life and your coaching practice. Make this a year of exceptional results with your Master Integrative Life Coaching Certification from IWA.

As an Integrative Life Coaching Practitioner, you are already on the leading-edge of the coaching industry. It’s time to up-level your practice and your success, with the Master Integrative Life Coaching certification course.

Experience a 5-day interactive training, taught by Rachel Eva and the IWA trainers, where you’ll receive advanced training, tools and techniques in the 5 major areas of IWA Coaching:

  • Master Integrative Life Coaching
  • Relationship and Family Coaching
  • Career, Finance, and Performance Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Self-Development and Spiritual Coaching

As a certified MILC practitioner, you’ll be able to get your certification in any of these niche areas, while still having the training and expertise in all 5!

Each day includes breakthrough techniques like Advanced ECM, Grief Recovery & Trauma Coaching, Energy Work, Advanced Layering and Elicitation, Holistic Finances, Building Intentional Relationships, Purpose & Career Development Techniques, and dozens more. Get hands on experience and practice being both coach and client, while co-creating an immersive experience that you can take back to your practice.

You’ll also be trained more extensively on the business of coaching, and how to extend your practice and your income, with group coaching, seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements.

This is an investment, not only in your coaching practice, but also in your life!


IWA is a life coaching academy that offers an integrative based approach to coaching. IWA trains and certifies next generation integrative life coaches to help people transform their lives!



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