Master Integrative Life Coaching (MILC) In-Person


Master Integrative Life Coaching
In-Person Training & Certification

Los Angeles – Friday, July 26th– Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

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Are you ready to take your coaching practice to the next level? Are you looking to add new tools to your coaching toolbelt to support your clients and your own personal development even more? IWA invites you to take the next step in developing your life and your coaching practice. Make 2017 a year of exceptional results with your Master Integrative Life Coaching Certification from IWA.

As a certified Integrative Life Coaching Practitioner, you are already on the leading-edge of the coaching industry. It’s time to up-level your practice and your success, with the Master Integrative Life Coaching certification course.

Experience a 5-day interactive training, taught by Rachel Eva and the IWA trainers, where you’ll receive advanced training, tools and techniques in the 5 major areas of IWA Coaching:

• Master Integrative Life Coaching
• Relationship and Family Coaching
• Career, Finance, and Performance Coaching
• Health Coaching
• Self-Development and Spiritual Coaching

As a master practitioner, you’ll be able to get your certification in any of these niche areas, while still having the training and expertise in all 5!

Each day includes breakthrough techniques like Advanced ECM, Grief Recovery & Trauma Coaching, Energy Work, Advanced Layering and Elicitation, Holistic Finances, Building Intentional Relationships, Purpose & Career Development Techniques, and dozens more. Get hands on experience and practice being both coach and client, while co-creating an immersive experience, that you can take back to your practice.

You’ll also be trained more extensively on the business of coaching, and how to extend your practice and your income, with group coaching, seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements.

Day 1: MP Integrative Life Coaching
• Grief and trauma coaching
• Advanced ECM
• Advanced layering and elicitation techniques
• Advanced coaching tools and resources
• Group Coaching in private practice and corporate environments
• Corporate coaching programs
• Advanced coaching containers
• Advanced Hypnosis and Visualization processes
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Group niche elicitation to help coaches get clarity on your own purpose in career and to focus on niche for next 4 days.

Day 2: MP Relationship and Family Coaching
• Building intentional relationships
• Couples and families
• Family dynamics
• Advanced forgiveness processes
• Attachment of beliefs
• Boundaries and expectations
• Love languages and definitions
• Family and couple coaching tools & structures
• Business of Relationship and Family Coaching

Day 3: MP Career, Finance, and Performance Coaching
• Goal setting and goal getting
• Create personal and career plans (aka, personal biz plan)
• Client personal business
• Holistic finances
• Optimized performance
• Roots and fruits
• Purpose elicitation and coaching
• Balance investment in career (time, energy, money)
• Identifying and creating success and happiness and career
• Coaching for career shifting and transition
• Personality testing and tools
• Business of Career, Finance, and Performance Coaching

Day 4: MP Integrative Health Coaching
• Nutrition
• Specific nutrition planning
• Sports nutrition
• Specific fitness planning
• Intentionality in health (food, moving toward balance, relationship with food)
• Coaching skills for coaching clients with eating disorders and food issues
• Self‐care
• Healthcare management
• Energy medicine
• Movement therapy
• Business of health coaching

Day 5: MP Integrative Self-Development and Spiritual Coaching
• World religion and philosophy
• Deeper understandings of religion vs. spiritual wellness & the spiritual system
• Spiritual coaching skills and techniques
• Building the bridge to unity
• Spiritual development and skills
• Advanced energy and quantum physics
• Death and dying
• Coaching during tragedy and death (death doula)
• Energy work
• Energy healing
• Developing intuitive skills
• Advanced mediation and teaching of mediation
• Helping your clients create balance in self‐development

Training Schedule:

10am-8pm daily

Enrollment is limited so if you would like to attend please register today! We also offer an online version of the certification. Online course may be taken at your own pace throughout the year, and set yourself up for success in 2019 and beyond. Click HERE for the MILC On-line Course option.

This is an investment, not only in your coaching practice, but also in your life!

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