Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register for a course?

You must REGISTER for courses in the IWA store. Select your desired course, register, and checkout.

How do I access my online course?

You will first need to REGISTER for the course in the IWA store. You will be auto enrolled in online course. Go to “My Courses” in the top right to access your course.

Do I have to pay extra for the coaching certification?

All IWA in-person trainings and online courses include life coach certifications. Students receive a printed coach certification and digital Certified Integrative Life Coach seal upon successful completion of the certification at no additional charge.

When does the online course start?

The online course is self-directed and you may start at anytime. It is a self-study course that provides the flexibility to learn on your own time.

How long do I have to complete the course?

IWLC and MPILC Online Courses are both 6-Month Online Certification Programs.

What if I need a time extension to complete the course?

We understand that life happens. If you need a time extension for any reason, simply email IWA requesting an extension with your new expected date of completion. There is no additional fee for extensions.

Once I graduate, will I lose access to the course and materials?

You will never lose access to course materials. You will be able to review the course content at any time in the future because we feel this is a beneficial tool for our students!

Are there any additional fees other than the course?

There are no additional fees needed to become a certified life coach. Life Coach Certification is included with the cost of all IWA Coach Certification Programs. However, the IWLC textbook is not included with the online course but it is included with the in-person training. The textbook is not mandatory to purchase but it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase it because it is a valuable tool to support your training. The textbook is available for purchase in the IWA SHOP.

What is the Transform book?

Transform: a 12-week transformational program can be used for group life coaching course curriculum that many IWA Coaches use to launch their coaching practices by leading groups.

Where can I find more information about the life coaching program so I can decide if it's the right choice for me?

We will be happy to have one of the IWA instructors email or call you to tell you more about the course and answer any questions you may have. Use the contact form to contact the IWA Sales Team. Be sure to include your question and request for an Instructor to call you. Include your number and best time of day for them to reach you that is during the IWA business hours.

Who are the IWA course instructors?

You may visit our website and learn more about the IWA Instructors HERE.

Will I receive a certificate for completing this course?

For all IWA life coaching programs you will receive a certification upon successfully completing the course.

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer payment plans on any of the full price courses. We allow students to create a payment plan with the following guidelines:

  1. Payments will be auto-charged on the 15th of every month
  2. The payment plan must be paid in full before beginning your course
  3. You must CONTACT IWA to set up a payment plan

Is tuition refundable?

Like most schools, universities, and educational institutions, once you begin your course it is non-refundable.

How do I become a certified life coach?

To become a certified life coach through IWA, you must take the certification course online or in person, complete the assignments, pass your final exam, and submit a practicum.

Can I add the in-person training upgrade at any time? Will I still have access to the online course?

Yes, you can upgrade to the in-person training at any time. This will not dis-enroll you from the online course, and you will continue to have access to the online course and materials.


How do I access course handouts and downloads?

Course downloads for the IWLC course can be found in two locations. In the ‘Welcome’ module there is a Course Handouts page with all download links. The same handout links may also be found in the Intro section of each corresponding module.

Do I need an IWLC textbook?

It is not a requirement to purchase an IWLC textbook for the online course; however, we HIGHLY recommend it. The reason you should choose to purchase one is that most of our students find it helpful for studying, for referencing, and for decreasing the amount of note taking.

The In-Person Training includes an IWLC textbook which is provided at check-in.

Who do I do the 'Client Intake and Personal History' on?

You are your first client. Many of the assignments will be done on yourself first. So, the ‘Client Intake and Personal History’ should be answered by you. However, during your practicum you will also need to complete one with your practice client, too.

What do I need to turn in to be certified?

You need to complete the course either online or in person then complete and turn in the ’30-Day Action Plan’, the ‘30-Day Wellness Journal’, and a ‘Wellness Plan’ on yourself. Then, take and pass the Final Exam and the Final Practicum on a volunteer practice client. The practice client should be a fellow student or someone in your community (you may not use friends, romantic partners, or family members for your practicum.) We provide you with access to our student body in order to find a practicum client.

Do I need to fill out the 'Client Intake and Personal History' form right away?

We recommend that you fill out the ‘Client Intake and Personal History’ form right away before you begin the course so that you have fresh eyes when answering it. You will be using it as you move through the course to coach yourself through each technique and exercise that you learn. You will also need the completed form throughout the course work to do some of the exercises.

How long does it take to get feedback after submitting my practicum and final exam?

Once we receive your assignments, please allow IWA Instructors time to grade and respond back with your progress within ~14 days.

When do you recommended I start 30-day Action Plan?

We recommend you have it available as you go through the course, but you may not answer some questions until you have learned that information. It can be helpful to answer as you learn the information or at least mark where the answer is so you can easily come back to that information when you answer the questions.

Some tools and techniques says “Use guidelines in textbook”. I don't have the textbook is there anywhere else I can view the guidelines?

You can view them in the handouts that are provided in the online course as downloadable documents, however we HIGHLY recommend that you purchase a textbook to support what you learn.

When I register for the in-person training, when do I receive my textbook?

You will receive your IWLC textbook when you check-in for your in-person training.

I want to start reading the textbook before the training, can I receive the book sooner?

You may choose to purchase the IWLC textbook from the IWA SHOP and it will be mailed to you. Then, when you check in for the in-person training, you will receive a complimentary copy of Transform: a 12-week transformational program.

What does the IWLC Certification include?

The IWLC Certification has three parts.

Part 1: Submit your assignments, including your 30-Day Action Plan, 30-Day Wellness Journal, and Client Intake and Personal History.

Part 2: Pass the multiple choice exam. This is open book and you may use your notes.

Part 3: Submit your Practicum. This includes two coaching sessions with a volunteer practice client either a fellow IWA student or volunteer client in the community. You may conduct these sessions over the phone or in person with your volunteer client. Then you will submit your session notes as your Practicum to be graded.

Upon successful completion of your assignments, final exam, and practicum, you will receive your certification as an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach in the mail and may legally begin to work as a life coach. If you do not pass your final exam, you will be allowed to retake the exam up to 10 times without any additional fees. Once you are certified there is no re-certification needed or additional CEUs required. You will be legally able to practice as an Integrative Life Coach!

What is the course format and how much time is needed to complete?

The online course includes audio lessons, downloadable documents, and 15 hours of classroom training videos from the in-person training. You will need to dedicate the time to complete the online course, do the assignments, and pass the certification. You may do this in a time focused and intensive manor or dedicate a smaller amount of time each week that fits your schedule in order to complete the course. We have had students complete the course in two months but most students become a certified life coach in 3–6 months.


How will the MPILC course further my Life Coaching education and business? What will I learn?

You will learn many advanced skills to expand your ability to support your clients in releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs as well as powerful tools using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy models, NLP and other advanced integrative tools for helping elicit negative strategies, identify the higher reason they were created, and do complete strategy re-writes for effective and lasting positive change.

You will also be trained at a mastery level in integrative life coaching, business, finance, career and performance coaching, health coaching, family, relationship and couples coaching, self development and spiritual coaching.

This advanced training will help you expand your opportunities in your personal business, give you additional markets and demographics you can serve as well as train you to do corporate coaching, workshops and seminars.

What is the class size typically at the MPILC in-person course?

The average size for MPILC in-person classes is 20–30 students.

What does the MPILC Certification include?

There is no final exam required for the MPILC Certification, instead students are required to complete a 5-session practicum that must be  submitted to IWA before receiving your MPILC certification.

Will we review material from the IWLC course?

There is very little review of the IWLC course. There are a few tools and techniques from IWLC that will be expanded upon, advanced versions of ECM, hypnosis meditation techniques, visualization, and language.

Do I have to take the IWLC course before taking MPILC?

You must be in the process of completing the IWLC certification requirements or have completed the IWLC Certification in order to register for MPILC Programs.

How long after the training do I receive my certification?

After you have completed your 5-session practicum and submitted it to IWA, you will receive your certification in the mail within approximately 3 weeks (after the date of your practicum submission.)

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