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IWA offers professional and master programs for those who want to begin a life coaching business or expand their life coaching practice. Our Integrative Life Coaching Certification programs provide the training, tools, techniques, and resources for you to become a successful life coach and build a thriving practice.
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Master Integrative Life Coaching Program

IWA MPILC certification programs help you take your coaching practice to the next level and master integrative life coaching. Whether you are looking to add new tools to your coaching toolbox in order to support your clients or your own self-development, Master Practitioner of Integrative Life Coaching Certification (MPILC) empowers you to do both.

MPILC is taught by Dr. Rachel Eva Dew and IWA instructors, who share advanced training, tools, and techniques in the 5 major areas of Integrative Life Coaching. IWA welcomes you to this next step in developing your life and your life coaching practice.

Master Integrative Life Coaching
  • Advanced Life Coaching tools and techniques
  • Advanced techniques, including Advanced ECM, Grief Recovery, Trauma Coaching, Energy Work, Advanced Layering, and Strategy Elicitation
  • Learn to coach for Holistic Finances, Build Intentional Relationships, Identify Purpose, and Career Development Techniques
Master the Five Coaching Specialties
  • Integrative Life Coaching advanced core competencies and techniques
  • Integrative Relationship and Family Coaching
  • Integrative Career, Finance, and Performance Coaching
  • Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Integrative Self-Development and Spiritual Coaching
Master the Business of Life Coaching
  • Expand your knowledge and tools for running and marketing a successful life coaching practice
  • Learn how to expand your practice and income with group coaching
  • Develop skills in group facilitation, including corporate coaching, seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements
  • Gain business insights from fellow life coaching practitioners
Master Integrative Life Coaching Certification
  • Bring coaching to your organization
  • Learn all 5 coaching niches and select your desired specialty
  • Become a Certified Master Integrative Life Coach
  • In-Person Training or Online Course Certification options
  • Receive certification upon successful completion of a 5-session practicum (no exams or tests)

MPILC Online Course may be taken at your own pace throughout the year. It builds on the foundations of the ILC course. You will learn the advanced training, tools, and techniques in the 5 major areas of Integrative Life Coaching. This is an investment, not only in your coaching practice but also in your life. If you have not taken the ILC you can take advantage of our duel enrollment. Enroll directly into the full payment option for MILC and get the ILC at no additional cost. Only current ILC students are able to enroll into the MILC using the payment plan options.

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