Emotional Clearing Method

An innovative emotional healing technique for both the conscious and unconscious mind.


What is the Emotional Clearing Method™?

Emotional Clearing Method™ (ECM) is an alternative therapeutic emotional clearing technique developed by Dr. Rachel Eva Dew, the founder of IWA. ECM is an advanced integrative life coaching technique that draws on various modalities and theories of neuroscience, mental health, life coaching, and alternative therapies, including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Mind-Body Medicine, and cognitive behavioral therapy. The foundations of ECM stem from neuroplasticity research and current research on emotions and beliefs effects and interconnection on biology.

ECM was developed after years of research and training with different modalities. It works with your brains neural pathways to release negative psychological patterns and connections to limiting beliefs and negative emotions that block many of us from moving forward in freedom. Recent medical studies have proven that these beliefs and stuck emotions, negative psychological patterns, and genetic markers influence our conscious and unconscious minds. These imprints can stem from our childhood, in utero, and even before we were born through intergenerational epigenetic inheritance.

In its simplest description, ECM combines powerful emotional healing techniques and mind-body medicine with the stimulation of neural pathways to release negative psychological patterns, attachments to negative emotions and limiting beliefs on the conscious and unconscious levels.

Neural pathways determine how information travels through our nervous system. ECM works with these neural pathways in the brain to release negative psychological patterns, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions that block people from moving forward in life. Who says psychotherapy has to take months or years to do very little? ECM was developed to help clients rapidly optimize their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Our bodies and minds are uniquely created to do wonderful things. Sometimes they need a bit of an adjustment to perform at their best. The link between emotional issues and physical ailments has become clearer through years of observation and clinical study. Although it is still often overlooked, emotional health is absolutely essential to physical health and healing. No matter how devoted you are to the proper diet and lifestyle, you will not achieve  true healing if emotional barriers stand in your way. ECM is a popular psychological healing modality that is maintained and improved with cutting-edge refinements.

The ECM technique may be used to facilitate healing in a wide variety of physical, emotional, and psychological disorders. ECM is not to be used in replacement of traditional medicine or therapies but as a complimentary and alternative approach to achieving healing and balance.

ECM is beneficial with helping people to release negative emotions  that may be keeping them from living to their fullest potential. ECM is helpful with releasing emotions such as anger, resentment, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, and any emotions that you identify as having a negative impact on your client’s mind or body.

ECM is also effective with releasing conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs. Conscious beliefs like negative opinions of oneself, a limiting belief that one will never be successful, or one will never be prosperous. Unconscious limiting beliefs that a person may not even be aware of can also limit their lives.

History of ECM

How was the Emotional Clearing Method™ developed?

The Emotional Clearing Method™ was developed from cutting-edge research in the field of mind-body connection, integrating ideas from biofeedback, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior change, neurofeedback, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, research on emotions, belief effects, and self-development. Rachel Eva, the founder of IWA, developed this proprietary technique after becoming board certified through the Association of Integrative Psychology, Inc. (AIP) and years of research, training, and clinical practice as an Integrative Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. She was frustrated with the delayed effects of other emotional healing techniques, which led her to combine her training and expertise to develop this innovative technique to more rapidly clear deep emotional issues.

  • Healing Modalities

  • Neuroscience

  • Neuroplasticity Research

  • Mind-body Research

  • Emotions and Beliefs

  • Hypnosis

Application of ECM

When is the Emotional Clearing Method™ used?
  • Phobias

  • Stuck Traumas

  • Chronic Pain

  • Negative Emotions

  • Limiting Beliefs

ECM Practitioner Certification Course

Emotional Clearing Method (ECM) is one of the most powerful healing tools available. Now we are offering ECM as an entire modality to expand your practice! Within the IWLC certification course you learned one foundational approach to Emotional Clearing Method (ECM). We now have an advanced full training to become certified as an ECM Practitioner! This will expand ways you can support your clients in overcoming their core issues, limiting emotions and beliefs, in order for them to move forward in freedom! This course will be taught by IWA Founder and creator of the ECM techniques and modality, Rachel Eva.

In this advanced ECM training you will learn –

  • Foundations of hypnosis
  • Hypnotic patterns
  • The science and history of timeline and hypnosis
  • Timeline therapy model
  • ECM for trauma
  • Situational ECM
  • Advanced ECM
  • Progressive clearing
  • ECM for anxiety (and other future paced emotional issues)
  • New applications for ECM
  • ECM therapeutic sessions
  • ECM approach to clients
  • ECM practitioner business model

Our ECM Practitioner Certification Online Course allows you to become trained and certified as an ECM Practitioner at home, moving at your own pace. No matter what your schedule is, you will be able to participate in this course and gain the knowledge and tools you need to master the skillset of a ECM certified practitioner!

What our students are saying about ECM…

‘I was completely depressed and hardly able to function. I tried every form of therapy and nothing helped. I did a session of ECM with the practitioner I am seeing and my depression immediately began to lift! It has been 6 months and I am happy to say I am no longer depressed and I am living an active life. I even started dating again. I am very grateful and have recommended this technique to many of my friends.’ -ECM Client

‘While studying with IWA I was a little skeptical about ECM. When I went through the course and listened to the full ECM sessions I felt like I got released from the baggage of some childhood trauma that I was carrying around. I wasn’t expecting to have this course change my life too, but it did! Now I can’t wait to share this with clients.’ – IWA Student

‘I have been using ECM in my private practice for a few years now and it has been life changing for many of my clients! I highly recommend coaches and therapists add this modality to your practice.’  – IWA Certified Coach & ECM Practitioner

Course is non-refundable and space is limited! To ensure your spot please enroll today.

Register today by clicking HERE 

Want to learn ECM? Enroll now in our ECM Practitioner Certification program!
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