ECM Practitioner Certification Course


Emotional Clearing Method (ECM) Practitioner Certification

Live Virtual 8-Week Course, January 12 – March 16th, 2019

Early bird enrollment now through November 2nd – Normally $950, early bird enrollment special $699

Emotional Clearing Method (ECM) is one of the most powerful healing tools available. Now we are offering ECM as an entire modality to expand your practice! Within the IWLC certification course you learned one foundational approach to Emotional Clearing Method (ECM). We now have an advanced full training to become certified as an ECM Practitioner! This will expand ways you can support your clients in overcoming their core issues, limiting emotions and beliefs, in order for them to move forward in freedom! This course will be taught by IWA Founder and creator of the ECM techniques and modality, Rachel Eva.

In this advanced ECM training you will learn –

  • Foundations of hypnosis
  • Hypnotic patterns
  • The science and history of timeline and hypnosis
  • Timeline therapy model
  • ECM for trauma
  • Situational ECM
  • Advanced ECM
  • Progressive clearing
  • ECM for anxiety (and other future paced emotional issues)
  • New applications for ECM
  • ECM therapeutic sessions
  • ECM approach to clients
  • ECM practitioner business model

The upcoming LIVE VIRTUAL ECM Practitioner Certification Course will be January 12 – March 16th, 2019 (8 week course) with each week’s lesson taught LIVE in a virtual environment on Saturday mornings from 10am PST – 11am PST. Concerned you might miss a lesson? Each week’s lesson will be recorded and provided to students for review, so not to worry! No matter what your schedule is, you will be able to participate in this course and gain the knowledge and tools you need to master the skillset of a ECM certified practitioner!

What our students are saying about ECM…

‘I was completely depressed and hardly able to function. I tried every form of therapy and nothing helped. I did a session of ECM with the practitioner I am seeing and my depression immediately began to lift! It has been 6 months and I am happy to say I am no longer depressed and I am living an active life. I even started dating again. I am very grateful and have recommended this technique to many of my friends.’ -ECM Client

‘While studying with IWA I was a little skeptical about ECM. When I went through the course and listened to the full ECM sessions I felt like I got released from the baggage of some childhood trauma that I was carrying around. I wasn’t expecting to have this course change my life too, but it did! Now I can’t wait to share this with clients.’ – IWA Student

‘I have been using ECM in my private practice for a few years now and it has been life changing for many of my clients! I highly recommend coaches and therapists add this modality to your practice.’  – IWA Certified Coach & ECM Practitioner

Course is non-refundable and space is limited! To ensure your spot please enroll today.


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