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Mastering the skills set as an Integrative Life Coach, Integrative Thought Pattern Management Practitioner or as a practitioner in any helping field is one thing, while learning how to build a successful business is entirely another.

Often coaches and practitioners struggle to learn effective ways to start and run a business and figuring out how to effectively market to and gain new clients. With IWA’s business programs you will learn the simplest and most effective ways to achieve success as a coach or practitioner. Our business programs contain the most up-to-date and currently effective tools and techniques to building, expanding and maintaining a successful business in today’s market. Our business courses and programs are designed to save you countless months, if not years, reduce your frustration and bring you the clarity you need to achieve your business goals.

All of our business courses and programs lead to tangible results and offer simple, achievable steps that you can begin to implement immediately. The results you want are closer than you think! Enroll in one of our business courses or programs to get the information and support you need today!

A 12-week course that will transform your business!
One of the largest challenges and roadblocks that keep coaches, health & wellness practitioners, mental health practitioners and even doctors from a successful and thriving business is the lack of business and marketing mastery from their tool box.

This business mastery course assist’s our graduates and other practitioners in becoming better equipped to easily develop, launch and maintain thriving businesses as coaches and/or practitioners.

CLICK HERE for more information or to enroll today! IWA Business Mastery Retreat happens just once every year. These three days are a powerful way to focus on your business, get the support you need, and plan the next 12 months in your coaching practice and private practice as a practitioner within the helping fields.

What to expect from these 3 days together…

  • Gain clarity on how to expand and up-level your business
  • A clearing of any limiting beliefs or fears holding you back from succeeding in your business
  • A re-alignment with your vision, niche, and messaging
  • A reassessment of your brand
  • A marketing plan that works and can be easily implemented
  • Re-evaluate your pricing and income model
  • Create and outline your next program or offering
  • A 90-day and 12-month plan that you can implement immediately
  • Total hands-on support from IWA Teachers, Rachel Eva and Andrea Leda

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