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We believe in giving back to communities.

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

If we want to spread love and peace in the world what steps can we take? First, we need to focus on healing ourselves, then take steps to work on self-development. Once we have addressed our own issues, we are then able to help others heal too. IWA is passionate about creating positive change in ourselves, our company, and our communities!
Global Empowerment Initiative

IWA’s mission is to utilize life coaching tools to create positive change globally. Our focus is to help communities in need initiate paradigm shifts, become empowered, create action plans, and gain resources to bring sustainable positive change in international communities. IWA Global Empowerment Initiative is ecological—good for self, good for community, and good for the world. Our initiative provides our life coaches with a hands-on opportunity to serve. They can give back while implementing what they have learned, expanding their skillset, and deepening their coaching experience. Our efforts empower people to create sustainable communities.

IWA provides education, life coaching, and tangible resources to help individuals and communities become self-sustaining, happy, and healthy. Instead of giving hands outs, we teach people how to fish. We do this by helping them identify the tangible needs for education and skills training and then provide this in creative new ways. We also help people to identify action plans to build and create sustainability for individuals and the entire community.

How does the global empowerment initiative create positive change?
Creating Positive Change

IWA provides individual and group coaching to help people heal from trauma. We help them release negative emotions, overcome limiting beliefs, and move toward positive change.

Overcoming Lack Mentality

It is critical to go beyond just giving money. If we only donate money or resources to communities, it builds a dependency on outside sources. IWA helps people overcome this dependency and lack mentality.

Moving Beyond Survival

We must meet both tangible and intangible needs in order to create self-sustaining communities. IWA helps communities move beyond just surviving so they can truly thrive.

Local Service

With our local service initiatives, IWA determined the most impactful use of our existing resources would be to give back to our local communities by applying our life coaching skills.
Donate Practicum Hours

As part of our life coach certifications, students are required to complete a number of practicum hours. Students are asked to donate  free coaching to help people in need  who would normally not have access to this type of service. IWA also provides the opportunity for coaches to donate practicum hours to helping communities in need. EMAIL IWA to find out more about donating practicum hours.

Service-Based Relationships

IWA provides free trainings, workshops, and coaching to communities in crisis. We meet critical needs through partnerships with existing non-profit organizations. We only partner with organizations who share our values of service without agenda and address the needs of those suffering through tangible resources that empower communities to become self-sustaining.

Scholarship Programs

We partner with organizations to provide scholarship programs for teens and adults overcoming issues like addiction, abuse, trauma, and homelessness. This provides scholarship awardees with continued self-development and professional training in order to create a more stable future.

IWA also has a 50% scholarship program for BIPOC. If you would like to apply or need more information please email the office here EMAIL

Non-Profits Training

We train and certify a select number of non-profit employees who interact with community members in order to be more effective in their work by adding integrative life coaching to their support offerings.

Proud Supporter

One of the incredible organizations we support is Covenant House. To read more about CH visit their site by clicking HERE

Want to help? Contact us to volunteer locally.

Global Service

With our global service initiatives, IWA determined the most impactful use of our existing resources would be to focus our efforts in a few areas and commit to each for a minimum of 3 years. Our first area of focus was to invest in 4 communities around Jaquillilio, Nicaragua, in order to create lasting, positive change. These villages do not have sustainable jobs, access to clean drinking water, and many villagers do not know how to read or write.
We are serving these communities in the following ways:

  • We have committed a minimum of three years to these communities in order to support a shift toward lasting change.

  • We take two trips every year to provide coaching and life skills education.

  • We offer ongoing life coach education and support groups.

  • We employ a local Nicaraguan who works full-time in the communities we are serving. They run support groups, facilitate one-on-one coaching. They also oversee education programs specifically crafted from our integrative wellness and life coaching toolset to meet the local needs.

  • We hold monthly meetings with leaders of the village and local organizations to support them in sharing ideas. We also let the organization know what their tangible needs for education and resources are so that these can be effectively distributed.

  • We sponsor a portion of the sea turtle rescue program, which provides jobs for locals while rescuing this at-risk species. The sea turtles’ survival affects the future of the food supply for Nicaragua and the future financial stability of all of the fishing villages up and down the coast.

  • We create life and business skills training courses and provide these at their local learning center for adults.

Volunteer & Service Trips

IWA takes a socio-ecological approach to our service trips, taking into consideration the five environmental systems with which an individual interacts. This means we research extensively the specific situation and needs before we go into a community in need. We ask them what their unique needs are and then we bring our coaching toolkit to meet those specific needs. IWA believes that we are all connected and need to support each other. We focus on local communities and service to global communities alike. Through our service trips we help communities in need and provide coaching, tools, and resources that meet their specific needs in order to thrive and become self-sustaining.


participate in our service trips.

When we have our next physical trip, there's are three major ways you can participate in our service trips.

Join Us.

We invite you to be part of our incredible journeys to give back to communities in need. Click below for more info about how to register.


We would love help making sure we have all the resources to fully support this community. Click below to donate.

Share it.

Share this information and the donation and/or ‘Join Us’ links with your tribe, and recruit them to get involved.

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Want to help? Contact us to volunteer!

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