Holistic Life Planner Certification Course


Holistic Life Planner Certification Course

Early Enrollment Begins November 1, 2018 for the February 25th course release!

Do you have a passion for helping people to live their best life? Do you want to begin or expand a coaching career in the career and finance arena? Do you want to help clients to not just attempt to survive financially with the hopes of amassing wealth for retirement but to also THRIVE in their finances and life planning?

Our Holistic Life Planner Certification Course will equip you to help your clients to achieve a balanced and successful life plan when it comes to career & finances, family & relationships, health & wellness, self-development & spirituality.

Life planning from a truly holistic and innovative approach! Become a leader in the life planning field today!

What’s your definition of financial planning?  Ask any group of people this question and you will likely end up with as many answers.  This is because financial planning is very personal, and it can be quite complex, as well as overwhelming.  One thing is for sure, financial planning is a journey, not an event.   Financial planning is also much more than simply choosing which assets are appropriate for your 401(k). 

The secret to success in financial planning is determining what you want to achieve and why!  The next step is to figure out how to navigate the potentially overwhelming landscape of terminology, products, and choices.  Then you must develop a plan of action, take the appropriate steps to implement the plan, and finally have a means to monitor your progress. 

Whether you choose to go at it alone, be the coordinator of all the professionals and their respective pieces, or delegate it fully to a professional – the Head Coach of your team, you are going to need a framework. 

In this course, you will learn about The 6 Big Risks® that are the critical part of any successful comprehensive financial plan.  Understanding these risks, what their impact are, and who can help you with each will allow you to plan ahead and create the foundation for Living Your Ideal Life and helping clients to do the same! 

  • Holistic Life Planner Certification Course

Life is about determining what you really want and figuring out how to make it happen.  Each of us needs to strike a balance – all it takes is understanding what is truly important to you, and why!  Discover a personal approach to financial planning that goes beyond investment options, performance, and avoiding risk to help you identify your dreams and to start planning to make that happen.

The Holistic Life Planner Certification Course is a duel certification course in HLP and ILC (two course training and certification included in this price). You will first become a certified Integrative Life Coach (ILC) and then in the second part of your certification, you will earn your Holistic Life Planner (HLP) Certification. 

In the Holistic Life Planner Certification Course we will do a deep dive into : 

Success Fundamentals 

  • The Pursuit of Values 
  • A Framework for Success 
  • Overrated Rate of Return 
  • Pay Yourself First 
  • Time, Not Timing 
  • Destination: “Retirement” 

The 6 Big Risks® 

  • Dying Too Soon 
  • Living Too Long 
  • Becoming Sick or Injured 
  • Improper Tax Planning 
  • Legal Entanglements 
  • The Biggest Risk of All 

Anatomy of a Financial Planning 

  • Managing the Risks 
  • Investing for Your Future 
  • Retirement Income Planning 
  • Dealing with Uncle Sam 
  • Estate of Affairs 

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to coach your clients to: 

  • Align their financial choices with their most important goals and most deeply held values 
  • Put in place a process to get your clients entire financial plan balanced and a process to keep it that way 
  • Have confidence that no matter what happens in the markets, the economy, or the world, that yuou can help your clients to stay on track to achieve your goals 
  • Help your clients to free up physical and mental space, and time, so that they can focus on things in their lives that are more important than money 

In the Integrative Life Coaching Certification Course we will do a deep dive into : 

Life Coaching Foundations

  • Coaching core competencies: Set the foundation
    Powerful questioning
    Active listening
    Coaching agreements Establishing rapport
    Direct communication
    Create awareness
    Forwarding the action
  • Learn to co-create the relationship, create coaching plans, design actions, and goal setting
  • Learn to manage progress and accountability
  • Live coaching examples and exercises

Life Coaching Frameworks

Proprietary Holistic Life Model for balancing the 4 systems

  • Proprietary Inside-Out, Outside-In Coaching Model
  • Integrative life coaching approach addresses all areas of client’s life:

Life Coaching

Career Coaching
Performance Coaching
Family Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Health Coaching
Transition Coaching
Wellness Coaching

  • Understand how to research, facilitate learning, and provide credible resources
  • Learn to apply coaching models

Life Coaching Techniques

  • Learn over 20 different healing modalities
  • Learn powerful healing techniques:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Emotional Clearing Method™ (ECM)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Meditation techniques Emotional healing techniques

Thought pattern management

Behavior change techniques

Visualization techniques

  • Receive forms and exercises you can use with your clients
  • Learn to lead group coaching  sessions
  • Learn techniques to transition group clients into private client relationships

Life Coaching Business

  • Immediately launch your own coaching practice, plan your career, select your coaching specialty, and find your niche
  • Learn how to get life coach liability insurance to protect your business
  • Cover business basics, including legal, policies, ethical guidelines, and professional standards
  • Learn how to price, market, and sell your services
  • Gain information to establish and leverage partnerships
  • Learn simple effective ways to lead group coaching and transition group clients into private client relationships

Life Coaching Certification

  • Comprehensive online course, move at your own pace with up to 6 months to complete certification
  • Based on 20 years of research, education, and clinical best practices
  • In-person training or online course certification options
  • Bring coaching knowledge to your organization, existing career, or begin a new career in coaching
  • All IWA courses include certification, which depends on successful completion of Wellness Journal, Client Intake and History, 30-Day Action Plan, Practicum, and Final Exam

Enroll today and expand your earning potential and impact!

If you are already an ILC graduate or current Integrative Life Coaching student with IWA, you may take this add on course at a discounted rate. For more information click HERE

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