Master Integrative Life Coaching (MILC) Textbook


Do you want to take your practice to the next level? Are you looking to add new tools to your coaching tool-belt to support your clients and your own personal development even more? IWA invites you to take the next step in developing your life and your coaching practice. This master integrative life coaching guide will teach you to help clients create more lasting change in all areas of their lives.

Master Integrative Life Coaching textbook will help you explore advanced ways to apply foundational life coaching principles with advanced tools and techniques. You will deepen your training in the 5 core niche coaching areas—life coaching, family and relationships, career and performance, health and wellness, and spiritual coaching. This master level course will help you discover how to understand the deeper issues, develop plans, and elicit transformative results. Learn to grow your coaching practice, expand your services, and help clients make more lasting changes.

You will learn to:
• Deepen training in the proprietary outside-in inside-out coaching model
• Advanced techniques, including advanced ECM, grief recovery, trauma coaching, energy work,
advanced layering, and strategy elicitation
• Develop advanced skills in group facilitation, including corporate coaching, seminars,
workshops, and speaking engagements
• Develop your unique coaching niche combining your passions, experience, skills, and area of
focus to more effectively marketing your services

MILC textbook is a master level life coaching book that helps you master the art of life coaching, expand your business knowledge, and increase your influence, income, and impact helping others permanently change their lives.

This is an investment, not only in your coaching practice, but also in your life.
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IWA is a life coaching academy that offers an integrative based approach to coaching. IWA trains and certifies next generation integrative life coaches to help people transform their lives!



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