Experiencing negative emotions is a part of the human experience. We are meant to have emotions, to process them and to release them. But what happens when emotions get stuck? Emotions can become stuck at both the conscious level (you are aware of these unresolved emotions) and also the unconscious level (you are not consciously aware that there are negative emotions still present). When negative emotions become stuck they can be stored in our mind, or thought life, in our current emotions and emotional life and also in our body, even effecting our DNA! Stuck emotions can also lead to beliefs that limit someone from moving forward in their lives and achieving their best life.

The bottom line is that stuck emotions need to be processed and released. Often people do not process and release negative emotions because they have not been taught or given helpful tools and techniques to do so. Most people learn how to deal with their emotions from their parents and how it is done within their family and community. Often what is learned is not helpful and leads to stuck and stored layers of emotion within the mind, body, heart and spirit. Once negative emotions and traumas get ‘stuck’ it places stress on all of that person’s systems leading to a decrease in immune system functioning which can lead to illness, injury, mental health issues such as depression and a general lack of happiness, fulfillment and energy.

So what is someone supposed to do if they have stuck negative emotions that they are either consciously or unconsciously aware of? Emotional Clearing Method is a powerful healing tool and emotional freedom technique that allows a person to clear, resolve and release negative emotions, including stuck traumas.

Emotional Clearing Method offers a set of healing techniques within a modality of therapeutic alternative and complimentary care that leads to faster and easier results then traditional talk therapy or even other emotional freedom techniques offer.

Help yourself or help someone else break free today.

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