The first quarter of the year tends to be the busiest season for coaches. This year will prove the same, however we are projecting that the first quarter busy season will bleed well into the second quarter as well. The global pandemic has left people deeply contemplating what they truly want their life to look like, the things they need to overcome to get there, as well as the transitions that will take place… all of which calls for the support from an integrative life coach!

The coaching industry was growing and expanding globally prior to the pandemic but has exponentially increased in demand and popularity since 2021. There are many clients available for you to help guide in their journey. Not only in your neighborhood or city, but EVERYWHERE in the world. Since so many people have gotten comfortable and used to connecting with people both personally and professionally on platforms such as Zoom and Skype, the entire world is your market as a coach.

If you are already certified, the time is now to start planning for next year. If you are not yet certified but have been feeling called to the coaching industry, diving into a self-paced certification course such as our online Integrative Life Coach Certification Course (ILC) or dual enrollment into our Master Life Coach Certification Course (MILC) now will enable you to launch your coaching business at the most optimal time of the year!

The ILC takes between 90-100 hours to complete the online classes, assignments, exam, and practicum (practice coaching sessions – you will work with another IWA student virtually). Our dual enrollment provides a waived tuition of the ILC and you get both the ILC and MILC courses. You move through the ILC and then complete the MILC for advanced credentials and training (an additional 75-80 hours).

To enroll or read more about the ILC or the MILC dual enrollment options click the links below:


Dual Enrollment MILC (single payment option only for the dual enrollment)

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