Integrative Wellness Academy (IWA) has been a leader since 2010 as an international online school for Integrative Life Coaches (ILC) and holistic practitioners such as Emotional Clearing Method Practitioners (ECM) and Integrative Somatic Practitioner (ISP). One of our recent graduates, Lisa Tran wrote a wonderful blog and honest review of her experience both getting her certification through IWA as well as her post graduation experience building her private practice. Here is what Lisa said, ‘Since completing my training as an Integrative Somatic Practitioner (ISP) with the Integrative Wellness Academy (IWA), I’ve received so many questions and DMs on Instagram from others who are considering the program themselves. This brings me so much joy, as I personally believe now more than ever, that the world needs more integrative somatic practitioners! It is an excellent certification that can be useful for your own personal wellbeing, but it is also a great certification to add to your other tools and skills, if you are a health coach, yoga instructor, therapist, or other practitioner. Through the ISP certification, you can expand your career to experience more freedom and flexibility while also helping others through somatic practices.

This post outlines my honest Integrative Wellness Academy review of the ISP program, answers common questions about the curriculum, and shares what inspired me to become an ISP.

IWA Review | My Experience

Why I personally chose the IWA program

To be sure I was making the best choice for me, I researched a few other programs before committing to the IWA program.

I chose the IWA program over others I researched because of its strong emphasis on the somatic foundations and tools and techniques, as well as it being more affordable. I wanted a program that I could complete in a few months time so that I could get my certification and feel confident to take on somatic clients.

Overall, I felt like the IWA program gave me a really strong foundation for helping others through somatic work, and the program also equipped me to feel confident in conducting somatic sessions with clients.

I also love how the ISP certification can be incorporated into what you are already doing (either as a health coach, yoga instructor, career coach, or some other type of holistic practitioner) or can be used as a stand alone service in helping people to address trauma, chronic stress and other emotional/physical/mental blockages in the body, mind and spirit.

What’s next for me after completing my ISP certification?

Since graduating from the IWA program in January of 2024, I have been able to incorporate somatic work into my private practice and work 1:1 with clients on reducing chronic stress and tension in the body for better health, more joy, clearer skin, and radiant energy daily. I have combined my work as an esthetician with somatic practices to help clients improve their day to day life, and it has been incredibly rewarding.

In the future, I will continue to add to my knowledge and ever expanding somatic toolkit and take other programs, courses and certifications, but for now, I truly believe the ISP curriculum will prove beneficial and valuable for years to come.

In addition, through the ISP certification, I have been able to use the tools and techniques in my own life and have seen amazing results in my health, wellbeing and happiness. It was truly one of the best investments I’ve made in my career, business, and health.’

Lisa shares much more in her incredibly detailed blog which you can read HERE and you can also see how she is putting her practice into the world by visiting her HERE