How Building Community Benefits Your Coaching Career…


…And how to deepen your experience of community through the IWA student group!


A message from our founder –


Hello world changers!


Whether you are a potential student, current IWA student or graduate who is building out their coaching practice BUILDING YOUR COACHING COMMUNITY WILL GREATLY BENEFIT YOU!


I love the word community, however for this article I want to use the word ‘tribe’ instead…

A tribe is a social group in a traditional society consisting of people linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, common values and missions. Historically a tribe was an extension of a persons family and could be relied on to learn from, grow with and achieve success (thriving versus surviving) alongside of.


We all need support, we all need a tribe! We need to be able to get advice, bounce ideas around for feedback and feel connected to others on the same path. We need this not only to experience balance and wellness in our own lives but also to be the very best coaches we can be.


I personally have a tribe like this, and these coaches and practitioners in the healing fields have been my greatest supporters and part of the strong foundation I have built as a coach, business owner and teacher. I have no doubt that without such a tight knit tribe I would not be where I am in my career today. Not only that, it has vastly expanded my own personal development over the years. There is nothing like the feeling of being seen, heard and supported by a tribe of like-minded individuals, especially during those times of struggle… yes we ALL have those. Over your career as a coach you will have moments of frustration, confusion, decreased energy & passion, even discouragement. These are the times you need a solid tribe to lean on!


I wanted to share a few specific benefits of building a tribe as well as some ways to do this within the IWA student group. It is my deepest desire that the IWA community comes alongside of you and provides a safe space for you to build your own tribe within our larger community.


Benefits – 

#1 – Support

Get support on your journey as you grow both personally & professionally!

#2 – Inspiration

Being part of a passionate and focused group (and communicating with them often) will keep your own fire lit!

#3 – Sounding Board

Ask for help! Get advice! Gain clarity! No need to go it alone!


Feeling the benefits of being an active member of a community is at your fingertips… just take advantage of the IWA student group and build relationships!


Ways to Build Your Tribe


As an IWA student or graduate you are uniquely positioned to build a powerful and supportive tribe! You have access to thousands of other students and graduates in our private student Facebook group. This is a place to connect, ask questions, get feedback and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS! Here are the top 4 ways the IWA student Facebook community can serve you and your career…


#1 – Personal Support & Personal Development

Volunteer to be another students’ client for their practicum and get support in overcoming obstacles or roadblocks that may be holding you back personally or professionally. You may do this as many times as you want, even after you have graduated!


#2 – Mastering the Craft of Coaching

You know the saying ‘practice makes perfect’? Well practicing any craft is what leads to mastery. You can start or join a virtual study or practice group by posting in the group.


#3 – Gleaning from Other’s

Ask questions of graduates… see what is working or not working for them in their coaching business. This is especially helpful in the areas of business such as marketing, social media and even the technical aspects of running a coaching business or building a coaching website.


#4 – Feedback is PRICELESS

Get feedback on those challenging areas in your coaching business, even if you haven’t launched yours yet. Post your website and ask for feedback. Post an idea and ask for feedback… bottom line, ASK, the support is there for you.


If you haven’t sent a request to join this PRIVATE student ONLY group here is the link to do so:

May this support you each in your pursuit of successful coaching businesses!


In Wellness,


Rachel Eva