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Welcome to the Business Mastery Course, a 12-week program to help you successfully build and launch your business or expand your current business. This course is different from any other business course because it is specifically designed for coaches and practitioners in the helping fields. This course was created BY coaches and practitioners FOR coaches and practitioners!

This Business Mastery Course (BMC) will teach you the nuts and bolts of the systems and structure of building and running a private practice/small business, the financial aspects, work-life balance as a business owner, getting and maintaining clients, marketing and so much more!

You will only get out of this course what YOU put into it. The course does not work if you don’t work it. The great news is these tools are highly effective, they work! They have proven to lead to success in the businesses of our instructors as well as for thousands of IWA’s graduate’s businesses.

You will no longer waste time and energy trying to reinvent the wheel. We will teach you our wheel that works. Again, for this material to work for you, you will need to do the weekly assignments and put them into action! Move slower if necessary but stay committed to your vision and dreams for your business.

Please be sure to join the private student group on Facebook for this course. It will provide you with community support from other students as well as a place where you can ask instructors questions.Join our Facebook Group: IWAbusinessmasteryprogram

Each week has a video lesson and downloadable assignments. Be sure to go through the entire course in order to gain the best outcome.

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