Welcome to the Coaching 101 – Introduction to Coaching Online Course

What you will get out of the Coaching 101 – Introduction to Coaching course:

  • The clarity and structure of how to create a career in coaching
  • Deeper understanding & confidence about what coaching is and is not
  • Clearly outlined steps to coaching careers
  • Learn coaching niches
  • Learn powerful coaching tools you can begin applying now
  • Feedback and support through the private online student group

Empower your life and your career through our introductory course to coaching and you will gain –

  • The knowledge, training and content you will need to have a strong coaching foundation
  • Clarity on the coaching industry
  • How to begin and your coaching career (covering legal, marketing, standards of practice and more)
  • Coaching tools and exercises you can apply to your own life or use with your future clients

Important Course Information – 

  •  Take each lesson before moving onto the next lesson
  • Join the private Facebook group for this course in order to connect with instructors, ask questions and get support. Click HERE to join this group. Be sure to answer the security questions.
  • Download all course documents and exercises along the way
  • Take the quiz at the end for support in determining if a career in coaching is the right fit for you.