Welcome to the Emotional Clearing Method (ECM) Practitioner Certification Course! We truly hope that what you learn within this course, will help you help your clients achieve release from stuck traumas, negative emotions, unhealthy patterns and limiting beliefs. Each lesson will have an audio as well as an exercise to practice and assignments to download and complete. We recommend that you take it slow… don’t rush through the lessons!

Listen to each lesson, take notes, let it sink in and then download any exercises and assignments. Practice the exercises, this course is an experiential learning experience. Some exercises will be ones that you can practice on your own while others require working with others. Then complete each assignment.

We do HIGHLY recommend that you practice with other IWA students who are ECM practitioner course students or graduates.

To connect with instructors, post questions or to connect with other students please submit a request to join our private ECM Practitioner student group on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/ecmcourse/

In order to gain certification as an Emotional Clearing Method Practitioner certified through Integrative Wellness Academy you will have to complete all lessons, coursework (exercises and assignments), final exam and practicum with an 75% or higher. If you do not pass, you will be provided feedback and will be able to redo the work and re-submit it. Your certification will only be issued after you pass all required course work.

At any time during your journey to becoming a certified ECM practitioner you may get support via the following ways:

  1. Email the office at info@iwacoaching.com – please be sure to add our email address to your email contacts to avoid our emails going into your email junk/spam folder.
  2. Schedule a call with an instructor to get one-on-one live support. To schedule a support call, please visit : https://calendly.com/iwacoaching/15min/04-16-2018

Once you have submitted all assignments, completed the exam and submitted your practicum, IWA’s instructors will grade all of your work together and email you your results within 2 weeks of the date your final work was submitted. Upon successful completion of your certification course and required coursework you will receive your certification via mail.

We are here to support you during this journey and welcome all of your questions. Please allow our team up to 24-36 hours to answer any questions you may have moving forward. Again, you may contact us for support at info@iwacoaching.com or to schedule a call with an instructor click HERE

In this ECM Practitioner Certification Course you will learn –

  • Foundations of hypnosis
  • Hypnotic patterns
  • The science and history of timeline and hypnosis
  • Timeline therapy model>
  • ECM for trauma
  • Situational ECM
  • Advanced ECM
  • Progressive clearing
  • ECM for anxiety (and other future paced emotional issues)
  • New applications for ECM
  • ECM therapeutic sessions
  • ECM approach to clients
  • ECM practitioner business model

To get the most out of your experience we highly recommend that you join the private student Facebook group for this course. You can connect with other like-minded students, post a request for a practicum volunteer client as well as post questions for instructors.

Private Facebook Student Group for ECM Practitioner Certification – Click HERE

To prepare for the successful completion of your certification course you will need to:

  1. Download your course downloads on this page
  2. Complete all lessons
  3. Complete and turn in the course assignments (you can find these assignments within each lesson)
  4. Pass the final exam
  5. Complete and submit your practicum

All required course work is to be submitted via upload directly into the CERTIFICATION lesson 12. If you are unable to upload them you may email them to info@iwacoaching.com – be sure to include your full name, the name of the course and the assignments that are included.

Good luck on your journey and congratulations on empowering your future through our ECM Practitioner certification course.

In Wellness,

The Team

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Course Content

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Lesson 1: Introduction


Lesson 2: Foundations of Hypnosis


Lesson 3: Hypnotic Patterns, Tools & Techniques


Lesson 4: The Science and History of Timeline


Lesson 5: Timeline Model


Lesson 6: Applications for ECM


Lesson 7: ECM Approach to Clients


Lesson 8: ECM Sessions


Lesson 9: ECM in Practice


Lesson 10: ECM Practitioner Business Model


Lesson 11: Examples & Practice




Lesson 13: Next Steps


Lesson 14: Feedback