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Below you will find: Course Instructions, Course Extras, and the Course Outline. To start the course click on the first section in the “Course Content” outline below or you may navigate through the course utlizing the “Course Navigation” to the right.

Course Instructions

Course Directions

Please go through the class in order. The class is structured to help you learn and retain the information in the most effective manner. The classes begin with the vision, overviews and bigger picture concepts and then move towards the detailed techniques. The later sections of the course bring it all together and show specifically how each lesson is applied in coaching.

As an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach it is important to be doing the work within your own life. Please try to apply as much of the information, tools and techniques as possible to your self, this will help you become an even better Integrative Wellness & Life Coach!

Feel free to move through the curriculum at your own pace, however we request that you go through NO MORE than one full module per day. It is better to process and integrate the learnings fully before moving on to the next section. Some sections have a lot of content and others have less. The second half of the course is more time consuming and intensive so please plan accordingly.

You may choose to begin your 30-Day Action Plan along with the classes and move through them simultaneously, or you can choose to begin the 30-Day Action Plan upon completion of the classes. Either way, the 30-Day Action Plan is the assignment that must be turned in along with your final exam and practicum in order to receive your certificate.

Course Materials

You will need a journal or notebook, your computer, internet connection, adobe acrobat or pdf reader, internet browser and a little time set aside daily to work on the materials and view the classes.

Course Timeframe

You will have 6 months to complete the course and turn in all assignments. If you need an extension when you are close to your deadline, please email us with how much more time you think you will need to complete the course and we can work with you on that.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions! EMAIL is the best way to reach us and you can call the office at 818-358-3131. Good luck on your journey and congrats on empowering your future through our training. Enjoy the journey!

Certification Requirements

You will need to complete and submit all the assignments below within six months of registration. Once you pass all the assignments, you will be mailed your certification.

30-Day Action Plan
Client Intake & History Form
Wellness Journal
Final Exam
Final Practicum

Certification Requirement Details
  1. Complete the ‘client intake/personal history’ document in Module 1 Unit 5. It is important to fill it out PRIOR to taking the class so that you will be able to be uninfluenced in your answers. You will use your own client intake as part of your assignments.
  1. We encourage you to email IWA the ‘Client Intake/Personal History’ form back to us when you complete it, however that is not required. It will however help us help you in this process.
  1. Once you have completed the ‘Client Intake/Personal History’ begin your classes! It is important to go through the classes IN ORDER. Each class builds upon the last.
  1. Once you have completed all of the online classes and your assignments (the 30-Day Action Plan and Wellness Journal), submit your work in the online course or email to IWA. Please use one of these formats when uploading or emailing your work (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .jpeg, or .gif). Then continue to proceed with the final exam portion and final practicum.
  2. After we receive your assignments and the completed final exam and final practicum, please allow 10–14 days to respond with your progress. When you have successfully pass by 70% we will mail you your certification!

Course Extras

IWLC Textbook

We also offer a textbook, the Integrative Wellness & Life Coaching Textbook, for sale that students find very helpful. The textbook is not required to complete the course or to learn the material. The online course classes are audio and video. Some people learn best from reading and this is why we also provide that option. If you are interested in purchasing a textbook, please visit our online SHOP.

Extra Bonus Videos

As an added value we have filmed part of our in person course and have provided you with the recordings IWA Training Videos. These videos are NOT the complete course and are NOT meant to replace the online course. It will be a way to deepen your understanding of the curriculum from a visual perspective as the in-person training summarizes the online curriculum and also shows some exercises.

Extra Learning Opportunities

We are constantly looking for new ways to support your journey to becoming the best Integrative Wellness & Life Coaches possible. Below are two ways we feel we can add additional support:

  1. Be sure to take full advantage of the student group! Connect with other students and graduates, find or start virtual study groups and volunteer to be another students practicum client. These steps will all deepen your support level and your learning.
  2. Consider enrolling in the 12-week business mastery course to help you build your business upon graduation IF you find you need additional business and marketing tools. You can find this course within our shop HERE
Facebook Student Community

We have created an IWA Facebook community closed group for our students.

This is a forum for you to post questions, thoughts and your experiences both with the course, assignments and exam as well as to get support from our team and the community as you begin your coaching practice. For example, you may be about to meet with a new client who is experiencing a problem which you have not dealt with yet and can post about it and request feedback from the group and our team as to their experience with it. We have seen other schools do this, and it has provided another layer of support so we have decided to add it as well.

For those of you interested in joining the Facebook group please follow the link below and send a request to join:
Connect to Community

Quick note: If your Facebook name is different than the name you registered with IWA, please shoot a quick email to info@integrativewellnessacademy.com letting our team know both names so we do not accidentally deny your request. We want to keep this group for coaches only.

Streaming Files

For best streaming video viewing experience, please make sure you are using a strong internet connection, have your volume turned on and are using the most recent version of either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. If you currently use Internet Explorer and experience problems viewing the streaming video or audio, please switch to one of the preferred browsers.

IWA does not dispense medical or legal advice, treatment, or diagnosis. The sessions, products and information here are for educational purposes and are in no way a substitution for licensed medical or legal advice. Please consult with your physician for proper care and supervision.


***All IWA content is copyrighted, please do not share the course material without our prior written permission.


We are here to support you during this journey and welcome all of your questions via email or phone. Email is the best way to reach us, however if you’d like to speak with us directly feel free to call the office at 818-358-3131. Please allow our team up to 24 hours to answer any questions sent via email that you may have moving forward. Good luck on your journey and congrats on empowering your future through our training. Enjoy the journey!

***All discounts or special offers mentioned within the course may no longer apply. IWA has the right to update offers at any time without notification. For current rates please follow offer links and check our online shop. Thank you!

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Course Content

Units Status

01 IWLC Course Introduction


02 Life Coaching Foundations


03 Life Coaching Fundamentals


04 Holistic Life Coaching Model


05 Life Coaching Guidelines


06 Coaching Health & Nutrition


07 Worldviews & Coaching Issues


08 Life Coaching Research


09 Life Coaching Mind-Body Connection


10 Coaching Tools


11 Coaching Techniques


12 Coaching Exercises


13 Coaching Essentials


14 Life Coaching Business Fundamentals


15 IWLC Training Videos


16 IWLC Certification


17 IWLC Course Feedback