Master Practitioner of Integrative Life Coaching
Certification Course

Whether you are looking to add new tools to your coaching tool-belt in order to support your clients or to grow your own personal development even more, Master Practitioner of Integrative Life Coaching Certification (MPILC) empowers you to do both. IWA welcomes you to this next step in developing your life and your coaching practice. Make this a year of exceptional results with your Master Practitioner of Integrative Life Coaching Certification (MPILC) from IWA.

As an Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching Practitioner, you are already on the leading-edge of the coaching industry. It’s time to up-level your practice and your success, with the MPILC certification course.

MPILC is taught by Rachel Eva and IWA instructors who share advanced training, tools, and techniques in the 5 major areas of IWA Coaching:

  • Master Practitioner of Integrative Life Coaching
  • Integrative Relationship and Family Coaching
  • Integrative Career, Finance, and Performance Coaching
  • Integrative Health Coaching
  • Integrative Self-Development and Spiritual Coaching

As a master practitioner, you’ll be able to get your certification in any of these niche areas, while still having the training and expertise in all 5!

Each section includes breakthrough techniques like Advanced ECM, Grief Recovery & Trauma Coaching, Energy Work, Advanced Layering and Elicitation, Holistic Finances, Building Intentional Relationships, Purpose & Career Development Techniques, and dozens more. You’ll also be trained more extensively on the business of coaching, and how to expand your practice and your income with group coaching, corporate coaching, seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements.

Downloadable course resources
The slide show should be opened and viewed along side the course video content. The two scripts you will use as you learn those advanced techniques. Please practice ALL of the tools and techniques within this course on yourself first, and then with practice clients. During the course videos when the instructor breaks up the group to do an exercise, please pause the video and practice the exercise on yourself and or a volunteer client.

MPILC Course Slides  (PPTX)  (PDF)

Advanced ECM Script (DOCX)

Advanced Strategy Elicitation Script (DOCX)


Facebook Student Community

You may also want to join the MPILC private Facebook group where you can post questions, read other questions, read answers from other students and instructors, and find students with whom you can practice. The private group is only for the purpose of supporting your learning and understanding of course materials. Please do not share the group, add others, or post unrelated material in the group. To send a request to join, click HERE

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Course Materials

You will need a journal or notebook, your computer, internet connection, adobe acrobat or pdf reader, internet browser and a little time set aside daily to work on the materials and view the classes.

Course Content

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Master: Integrative Life Coaching


Master: Family & Relationship Coaching


Master: Career & Performance Coaching


Master: Health & Wellness Coaching


Master: Transition & Spiritual Life Coaching


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