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We often have dreams and goals, but seem to continue our old habits. We get caught up in old daily habits and never-ending to-do lists that hinder our personal growth. When we stay stuck in these cycles, our goals remain out-of-reach and never fully materialize.

“When is enough, enough?”
“When will you choose to no longer stay stuck?”

Yes, it is a choice. The timing may never be right, the list of things calling for your attention may never decrease. Yet, there is still a choice—a choice to show up for YOU!

At times, we all struggle to achieve our goals and live the lives we desire. We fail to achieve the career, stability, happiness, fulfillment, relationships, and freedom we want. We fail to be ourselves. We align ourselves both consciously and unconsciously with beliefs that limit us. We narrow our perspectives, limit our options, and prevent ourselves from achieving what we truly want to achieve.

Sample Limiting Beliefs

“I can’t.”
“I can’t take the time for this.”
“I will do it later.”
“It will just work itself out.”
“If it doesn’t happen on its own, maybe it’s not meant to happen.”
“I don’t deserve it.”
“I’m not good enough.”

What happens when we get caught up in our stories and simply continue around and around on the merry-go-round? We don’t live a life that’s aligned with our true selves. We don’t experience life to the fullest. We don’t live our dreams, have fulfillment, purpose or all that we are able to have. What we end up with is the mediocre version of our lives.

Our Mindset Creates our Reality. The path of least resistance is actually showing up for ourselves, authentically. It is letting go of things that no longer serves us and stepping powerfully into our purpose and into our full potential. It is becoming the best version of ourselves as parents, partners, lovers, friends, children, co-workers, leaders, and humans!

Overcome limiting beliefs and negative emotions that are holding you back. Get clarity on your values, purpose, and goals. Get equipped to actually create the things you want. If we do not intentionally create our lives from a place of freedom, then we won’t live an empowered life. We instead choose to allow life to happen to us. And what happens? Stuff usually happens. Stuff we don’t want. And then we wonder why, asking ourselves, “Why us?”

This is among the critical areas where life coach advice or ideal guidance can stop you from limiting yourself and can open a new door toward personal growth. If we are victims, it is because we have chosen that reality through our thoughts, perspectives and actions.

The time to break free is now!
It is a choice.
I invite you to choose a breakthrough.


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