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We continue our health journey in part 2 of the guide for managing your healthcare.

Remember, it is YOUR life and your body, therefore at the end of the day it is YOUR job to care for it properly. Do not rely solely on a doctor, teacher, spouse, parent, or friend. These people may offer valuable advice but it’s not their health to manage, it’s yours!

Guide for Managing Your HealthCare: Part 2

5.  Research
Study, study, study. I recommend reading health articles and staying up-to-date on the latest in health and wellness. Also, when you have an issue or want to improve or prevent an issue do your own research. Do not to take everything on the internet as fact. Look up reputable sources. If you read something from a popular blogger or magazines, make sure you research the information to find scientific evidence to support it! Don’t simply take someone’s word for it!

6. Know Your Body & Think It Through
Think it through. Does the advice or treatment you are getting make sense? Ask questions and research it yourself! It is also important that we learn the basics of how our bodies function. We need to have a basic understanding of our organs, muscular and skeletal systems, and all other systems in the body (nervous, lymphatic, etc.) Remember that song ‘the knee bone is connected to the…’ that applies here. All aspects of your body are interconnected and affect each other. Discover where the root of your problem lies and learn how to resolve it!

7. Create a Plan
Create a health and wellness plan ON PAPER and follow it! I have a few blogs that show how to start a plan, as well as tools to identify key areas to focus on (look in the archives on this site.) Don’t wait for your health to get to a critical point before you pay attention to it. Pay attention now so that tomorrow will bring a healthier YOU!

8. Go Naked
Yup…thought that one might grab your attention. What I mean by ‘go naked’ is to do things naturally, without artificial things, whenever possible. Get more rest, exercise, drink more water, work on removing toxins from your life, reduce stress, and strengthen your immune system. Be proactive instead of reactive. See doctors regularly for preventative measures and NEVER skip a doctors visit if you are ill or injured! Don’t forget to ask doctors for natural remedies before taking drugs.

I will be doing another follow-up series on this subject based on reader responses. Please post below! I want to address your personal concerns and needs for managing your health and wellness!