I spent my entire life as a, “survivor.” In a state of trauma. I believed that this was who I was. I defined myself based on the holds my past experiences had on me. It was settled, I was never to be free.

This drove me to a passion to help others overcome. As I had, even in this struggle, overcome so much. There was still a small flickering of light for hope. So I made a decision to impact others, to help guide people toward their goals, their wellness, and in turn to let go of what no longer serves. What I didn’t know when I chose the Integrative Wellness Academy (IWA) integrative life coaching certification program was the impact it would make on my own healing and my life.

I was immediately drawn to, yet resistant to the Emotional Clearing Mothed (ECM) Technique. I know now that resistance, when met when action, creates incredible growth and is the key to overcoming.

The incredible and, in my experience, reaffirming aspect of the clearing sessions, is that those situations in our past, that we often believe to holding us back, are not those which hold the most power. We tend to place blame on parts of our history that we remember. That stand out to us. But the truth is it’s the memories that we press down, that we avoid, and that end up deep inside us because of this, that are truly blocking us and weighing us down.

In each session I dug deeper. And the beauty is, that the memories and experiences came to light with ease. That isn’t to say that bringing them to light wasn’t of massive impact. I felt them. I felt like I was there watching from the outside. This is my experience.
I say, “ease,” this to emphasize that in our conscious efforts our minds tend to have a sort of, “tunnel vision,” on certain experiences in our lives. Experiences that may hold a very powerful meaning. One that we have given them, and the validity is absolutely there. But the true power and impact comes from what our minds are protecting us from. Hiding deep in our subconscious. Creating a wall between us, a box to hide them in.

My first emotional clearing session, as I believe with each one, came at the exact time I needed it. The exact time I was ready for it. My traumas ran deep. They were layered. They were all mixed up in time and hidden in that box that my mind created for me. At the time, I created a CLEAR distinction between traumas of my past, and the memories of my past. I sought after and took actions on many techniques to bring these traumas to light, to settle their rage and control over me, and to take back control of my thoughts, emotions, and body.

I set an intention to take the power from these traumas. To put them on the same level as any other memory. To strip the control they held on my life. And this is exactly what I experienced.

I immediately knew during the process WHY this technique was different, why this was it. Not only were the traumas that I had worked hard to be able to talk about, easy to approach, but I went to places in my past that I had no idea were impacting me. I went to places I had forgot existed in my in my becoming of this person of survival.

This first session set motion for freedom in my life. Freedom from my OWN hold. The experience brought immediate lightness to my entire being. I released so much tension. I cried the entire time in relief. For the first time there was not an excruciating pain, a paralysis by fear attached.

In the year to follow I slept without fear, without night terrors for the first time in as long as I can remember. I stopped jumping whenever something took me by surprise. I stop disassociating my Self from my own being. I healed more quickly in all aspects of my life. And my communication about what is true to me, and with others around me, as a result, was much more open.

An unexpected gift this experience gave me, was the ability to face new experiences with a whole new consciousness. An awareness of my choice to place these situations in my trauma file, or as another memory.

A true gift.

In my gratitude, I found myself thinking, there was nothing more valuable than this in all of my attempts to free myself in the past. And then, I was presented with Situational Emotional Clearing advanced technique and the Emotional Clearing for Expansion advanced technique (taught in IWA’s Emotional Clearing Practitioner Certification Course).

The benefits I gained from these deeper level, more specified techniques truly has me in awe still. The amount of progress I have experienced in ALL areas of my life, and my being, is hard to describe. I feel it though, I am it. I am able to communicate better, take action through ever present fear, lean into faith, and embody the person I only dreamed of being. My highs are pure, my lows are not as low. My boundaries are clear. My voice is stronger. My intentions are clearer. My purpose has come to light.

I opened myself to receive in my last sessions. I asked for clarity. And as I am presented with challenges in this next phase of upgrading in life and Self, I am fully present in my choices. In knowing that I am capable without regression or sabotage. A regression I fell into in the past, based on limits I created from my past experiences. Sabotage as a subconscious choice to ruin before being hurt again.

I have been provided an ongoing gift.

I have true empathy for the difficulty in facing our core, our ingrained beliefs, and our deepest fears and traumas. To anyone who felt/feels a fraction of what I have, know that healing is possible.
I am no longer surviving, living in fear, and making choices based on what my mind and body tell me is bound to repeat. I am welcoming, gifted, and stepping into action with incredible opportunities presented to me.

I am growing exponentially. I am trusting. I am expanding my reach in this world on many levels: traveling, connecting to others, deeper relationships, and greater belief in a bigger picture and myself.

Emotional Clearing Method (ECM) techniques are a gift that continues to present itself to me. And one I am grateful to be open to receive.


In Wellness,

Jamy Lyn

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