Whether you have a child heading back to school or not, this is a time to DIVE BACK IN. This back to school season calls you to UPLEVEL and to take action towards your dreams and goals. Whatever you have been day dreaming about throughout this summer, the fall is a time to begin to plant seeds.


Summer is associated with play and rest. But the fall is here and now it is time to shake off vacation mode and move forwards again. It is easy to get caught up in the tasks and chores necessary to take care of life stuff, our responsibilities and those we love. But the energy of forward motion that fall provides can quickly slip by, causing you to find yourself at the end of the year with your goals even further off in the distance. The time is NOW to stop, re-evaluate life, set intentions and take action.


Grab a pen and your journal. Ask yourself…


What do you want to have, do, create and experience in your life?


What are the steps I need to take in order to achieve these?


What actions or things am I avoiding or procrastinating about?


What are my roadblocks? What is stopping me from taking action or could cause me not to take the necessary actions?


How will I address these?


What one action can I take today that will have the biggest positive impact and lead me towards achieving my goal?


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