Emotional Clearing Method (ECM) Full Session

In this lesson you will now listen to an Emotional Clearing Method (ECM) full session. It is important for you to have a personal experience with ECM to experience the benefits personally before you apply it as a technique within your coaching practice. We recommend using this audio resource in the following ways:

  1. Listen as if you are a client and do the technique on yourself
  2. Listen to the ECM full session so that you can hear how the technique is performed
  3. Use it as a resource to refresh your memory before you apply it within your coaching sessions

It is important for you to listen to this in a quiet and undisturbed place that would be appropriate for sleep. Please do not listen to the ECM session as you are operating a moving vehicle or in any type of environment where it would be unsafe if you were to fall asleep.

Key Topics:

  • ECM full session example

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