How many things do you have on your ‘must do’ and your ‘want to do’ lists for this summer? We want to invite you to remember to keep summer nourishment and self-care at the top of those lists!

Is it time for you to revisit your values and make sure your summer plans are ALIGNED? Jump back into the values alignment exercise within our Integrative Life Coaching certification course and spend a little time re-assessing your values. THEN revisit your game plan for the summer to ensure your plans are aligned with your highest values… then add a bit more self-care into the mix! Not an IWA student yet? You can enroll here!

As you are creating the game plan for the remainder of your summer, be diligent about scheduling in ‘you time’. Create space for rest, recovery and expansion to occur. Instead of over scheduling, consider under- scheduling!

Here are a few powerful questions to ask yourself to ensure that you are nurturing and caring for yourself amidst your summer plans – Grab a journal and dive in:

  1. How many things are on my schedule this week for other people?
  2. How many things are on my schedule this week that are responsibilities or obligations?
  3. How many things are on my schedule this week that make me feel nurtured and cared for?

Now ask those same 3 questions about the rest of this entire month and also of the whole summer! Once you have an honest view of what you have filled your time with get out a pen and start X-ing things off the list! Next, add as many things as needed in order to ensure you get your needs met this summer!