Bring on the resources…

Find out why our founder, Rachel Eva is OBSESSED with eating micro-greens and sprouts in her nutritional blog HERE 

Love to cook healthy or want to? Check out Rachel’s secret foodie Instagram page where she has been posting medicinal foods and some of her healthy recipes under the radar for her friends and family HERE (her regular Instagram account is @RachelEvaOnline)

Summer recommended reads for personal and professional development are… TedTalks for mastering public speaking which is a GREAT skill for coaches, get it HERE and for a deeper understanding about the mind-body connection one of our favorites is The Body Keeps Score, grab it HERE… for a bit of inspiration we recommend Becoming by Michelle Obama, find it HERE … and of course, if you haven’t read Rachel’s book,‘Playing Full Out’ you can grab your copy HERE

Blogs, article and podcasts oh my!

Rachel Eva’s blog is always a good read, take a peak HERE 

IWA graduate, Mandy Youtz’s blog on well-balanced motherhood is a powerful resource, check it out HERE

Functional medicine doc Mark Hyman’s‘Broken Brain’ podcastis a MUST, check it out HERE