Every coach who starts a business faces roadblocks along the way. Here are the top five roadblocks and simple steps to help you navigate the journey.


What are the top business roadblocks that life coaches face?
  1. Trying to Be the Expert
    Putting Pressure on Yourself to Know It All
    Putting Pressure on Yourself to Be Perfect
  1. Not Charging Enough Money for Your Services
  2. Being Unclear About Your Own Business (Being un-focused)
    Target Market
    Niche Services and Offerings
  1. Not Running Your Coaching Practice Like a Business
  2. A Self-serving or Fear-Based Attitude Towards Clients and Money


What are 5 Tips to Overcome these Business Roadblocks?
  1. Remember that you are simply a tour-guide and a resource! Overcome your own beliefs that limit you from becoming the very best coach you can be by doing a full ECM session. A full session is now available inside the IWLC online course. Also, give yourself permission to not be the ‘perfect coach’, let it be a little bit messy and authentic!
  2. Create a pricing sheet and set boundaries for yourself. Choose to value your time and coaching services and then put that choice into action.
  3. Mind Map and Vision Board Your Ideal Practice. Get very clear about what you want to create and experience in your coaching business! When you finish post these somewhere you will see them daily.
  4. Action Graph* the Following:
  • How to get more client’s
  • Any specific challenges or goals you have for your coaching business
  • How to achieve your personal goals in business
  • How to achieve work life balance*Login to download the Action Graph inside of the IWLC online course.
  1. Find a strategy and plan that allows you to authentically serve your clients while also meeting your business needs. Finding this balance will shift how you show up as a coach. If you show up pushing your own agenda due to fear and financial pressure you are serving YOU, not the client.

Having your own practice as a successful coach IS building your own business! Here is a business roadmap to help you on your journey.

Download the Coaching Business Roadmap HERE!


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