My personal experience with IWA changed my life and propelled me into living out my dream of pursuing my best life yet.

In 2015, I was forced to let go of people and things that were holding me back from truly living. That year, I buried my mother, ended my marriage of 17 years, and released long term connections and relationships with people that no longer served as support in my life. I was in a car accident that injured my back and could not workout as I was accustomed. I gained weight, felt tired, and had bills that were becoming overwhelming due to transitioning from a two income family to being the sole provider for my two children.

We had to adjust and budget to pay our bills monthly. I had to downgrade and trade in a 2015 SUV that we had just purchased to a less expensive car. I had to drain some investment accounts to stay afloat. I had four legal issues related to my mom’s estate, the divorce, personal injury, and another personal matter that required me to acquire four different lawyers.

I felt like a ton of bricks was on top of me. But I knew I would not give up and that I would make it somehow so, I made up in my mind to live, push, and not to stop. My social circle became very small because I knew that I did not need any distractions. In the past, I had spent so much of my life giving to everyone else and I knew it was finally time for me to give to myself in order to make it through this rough patch.

I saw an advertisement about the Integrative Life Coaching certification from IWA. My professional life was always a strong point for me so, I knew I wanted to renew a 2-day wellness coach certification that I took in 2011 that had expired.  When I saw the discounted rate, I jumped at the opportunity. Even though I didn’t have the funds I put it on my credit card because I felt I was worth it.

It took a few months before I could really start the program since I was juggling two jobs and two kids, but since I worked for the school system, summer came and permitted a break for me to get started on the course.

I saw that the course would require me to be my own life coach first and I was interested in this. I didn’t know what it would mean to me to be my own life coach. I filled out the client intake form and felt it was long and hard initially but looking back it caused me to slow down, really reflect and dig deep instead of just existing.

I had to become mindful of my life in all areas and really consider what was good and what was lacking. I started my wellness journey, I started intentionally making time to listen to the online course and take diligent notes. I bought the book and read it.

As I worked through the journal and learned about the four systems (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), I decided to put time, effort, and additional resources into my life. I hired a personal trainer who taught me to focus not on just working out but on nutrition as a major factor which was why I struggled with yoyo dieting. I joined support groups at my church for single mothers and small group bible study to get connected and to dig deeper spiritually. I started reading and intentionally conducting wellness workshops for my department at work. I also started using the coaching principles with my children and I saw them changing, focusing more on eating better, working out on their own, and even doing the yoga video that I bought them.

My life is truly balanced thanks to completing the Integrative Life Coaching certification program. By the time the practicum had come I had done the work within my own life and was happy with how balance my life was now. I was still open for suggestions on improvements and realize there is always room to grow and learn a few more strategies to really infuse ‘me time’ and personal growth. I took advantage of volunteering as a client for another students’ practicum.

Immediately after completing the program, I knew that I wanted to start my own business which incorporated life coaching but also infused my 16 years of professional work experience together. In period of two short months, I have a registered business, my website almost completed, I have branded my company and now am spreading the word about Remember You Matter, LLC to not just change individual lives of kids, teens, and adults through life coaching but also schools, communities, and businesses. I want to focus on decreasing the rate of suicide and coach people of all ages to spread the message of the importance of balance in the four areas through mindful reflection and taking time to tend to our core needs, in order to live life to the fullest.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for IWA putting out that advertisement and for my intuition and gut leading me to take the leap to register to unlock the key to putting me on the road to fulfilling my true purpose, calling, and destiny.

My business officially launched on January 1, 2018! I am more motivated than ever to see the end results and to continue developing and growing a successful business that will transform the lives of many people.