Intuition is one of the basic human sense – this helps a person be aware of their internal landscape such as their emotions, boundaries and physical needs. When we drift away from our ability to hear the intuitive intelligence from within it can cause all kinds of mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual problems.

Connecting with your intuition may seem like just one more thing you need to add to your never ending ‘to do’ list in regards to personal development and self-care. But we say it’s THE thing that will lead to growth, balance and expansion in so many other areas that is truly needs to be a priority.

We love tools and techniques like our ‘building gut trust exercise’ that you learn within our Integrative Life Coaching Certification Course… for a refresher, login to your course and download that handout by CLICKING HERE  – *NOTE: You must be enrolled and logged in for the link to work. – not a student yet? No worries, you can register HERE 

We also LOVE this article on intuitive strengthening journal exercises, check it out HERE

Whatever tools you choose in order to reconnect with yourself and strengthen your intuition is great! Just be sure that you devote time and energy to this on a consistent basis in order to see the maximum positive outcomes possible!