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In the past, healthcare and wellness looked very different. We trusted our mothers and doctors regarding our health and wellness. Today, we know that our parent’s advice may have led to unhealthy results. Instead of healing us, healthcare institutions, doctors, hospitals, and medical information have left us misinformed, underserved, and unwell. The overuse of medications has left us unhealthy.

In order to be healthy today, we MUST take personal responsibility for our own health and wellness, and the management of ALL its pieces.

In this two-part blog series, I will introduce some simple ways to take control of your health. I will teach you practical ways to manage doctors, healthcare, and disease prevention. You will learn to find reliable information versus ‘trendy’ opinions and fads.

How to Manage Your Healthcare

1. Keep a Record
Keep all of your healthcare records in one place. Review your own lab results and keep copies. Ask questions, keep track of changes, and look for developing patterns. Always share your discoveries with your doctors.

2. Trust Your Intuition
We used to simply trust what a doctor said. DO NOT DO THIS!!!! Do your own research. Look up natural cures and traditional medical ones. Read reputable articles and learn from other’s experiences dealing with your specific health conditions. If you feel that something isn’t right, it probably isn’t. Get a second opinion or see an alternative medical practitioner.

3. Prevention Is Key
Waiting until there is a problem is no longer a luxury. It is pure laziness that will have your health fall victim! Plan to be proactive and form DAILY habits to become healthier. I find clients intuitively know where they need to be healthier. You may not know the specific steps to get better, but you will certainly know what areas to address!

4. It Takes a Village
I have a huge health & wellness toolbox. In my toolbox are medical doctors, natural doctors, alternative practitioners, chiropractors, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners, personal trainers, physical therapists, books, counselors, and life coaches. The way to build your own personal team of wellness practitioners is by asking your friends, family, and co-workers for recommendations. Keep a file and add proven health and wellness resources over time.

In part two, we will continue diving into the ‘how-tos’ of managing our health and wellness! Until then, be well!