To fully understand the unique and highly effective coaching model that IWA teaches our students, it is first important to break down and explain other models of practice –

The Outside-In Model

The outside-in model is the typical model most physical modalities address. Examples of those who use this model would be traditional western medical doctors, personal trainers, and dentists. The mindset for the “outside-in” model is “my patient comes to me with a problem and I fix it with this treatment.” However, what we have found in much of the research in mind-body medicine over the last decade is that when the core issues, habits, and thought patterns are not treated or resolved, they will simply cause the outside “problem” to recur or transition into another problem in the physical plane.

The Inside-Out Model

The inside-out model is typically the model for most emotional and mental modalities. Examples of this model would be teachers, therapists, and counselors. The mindset for the “inside out” model is “my patient/client/student needs the inner knowledge or emotional resolution in order to see change or solutions.” In many cases this can be a “move towards” in resolving conflict and yet also not be as effective due to slower results, frustrations and lack of understanding how change occurs on the physical plane, and therefore clients/patients/students “fall off” treatment or may not see the results they desired.

The Inside-Out and Outside-In Model (the IWA model)

The “inside-out and outside-in” model is a newer integrative model and many alternative, allopathic and holistic practitioners are moving towards adopting it. The “inside-out and outside-in” model calls for treatment both from the outside moving inward (physical body system moving towards and through to mental, emotional and spiritual) at the same time as providing treatment from the inside moving outward (mental body system moving towards and through to emotional, spiritual and physical).

An oversimplified example of the “inside-out and outside-in” model in action is: The patient is a child who crashed their bike and cut up their knee. We put Band-Aids on the injuries while teaching the child how not to wreck their bike again, and also help them get past their sadness and fear of bike riding and connect with their full abilities.

We coach from this model and provide tools, resources, techniques, and support in all four body systems at the same time, thus addressing our clients’ needs from both the inside and the outside in order to achieve lasting life changes and desired results.