IWLC Course Handouts

We have collected all of the course handouts in this one unit for easy reference. Click on the document links below to download each handout.

Please do not include notes, questions or personal support needs to our team within your journal entries. Please email those questions separately as the wellness journal is graded for context not content.

If your goal is to complete the online Integrative Wellness & Life Coach Certification Course in a three-month period of time, here is our recommendation below. You still have six months to complete the course from when you registered.

Course Timeline:

Recommended Timeline – ILC-Workbook

*Please download and review the document above as your first step. It will review course guidelines and when to begin the assignments

Reading List  (PDF)
IWLC Textbook Table of Contents  (PDF)
IWLC Textbook Index  (PDF)
IWLC Training Video Outline    (PDF)
IWLC Course Slides  (PDF)

Tools & Techniques:
Action Coaching Graph iwa-action-coaching-graph-m10 (PDF)
Balance Plate  (DOC)  (PDF)
Budget  (DOC)  (PDF)
Gut Trust  (PDF)
Building Gut Trust  (DOC)  (PDF)
Elicitation Handout  (PDF)
ECM Script  (PDF)
Finding Beauty Exercise    (PDF)
Forgiveness Technique  (DOC)  (PDF)
Foundations of Coaching    (DOC)  (PDF)
Manage Resources   (DOC)  (PDF)
Medical Conditions  (PDF)
Meditation  (DOC)  (PDF)
Mind Mapping  (PDF)
SMART Goals  (PDF)
Trauma & Abuse  (PDF)

Identifying & Closing Gaps

Client Agreement  (DOC)  (PDF)
Sample Legal Forms  (DOC)  (PDF)

Assignments for Certification:
30-Day Action Plan  (DOC)  (PDF)
Client Intake & Personal History  (DOC)  (PDF)
Wellness Journal  (DOC)  (PDF)

Assignment Templates:
30-Day Action Plan & 30-Day Wellness Journal Template    (DOCX)

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