Continued Professional Development

Professional development resources:
• Read books to further your coaching practice and professional development (see our reading list)
• Review recent articles and research in related industries.
• Take additional courses to further your professional development.

Professional development is not just about adding more tools, although we love tools here at IWA. we have a few opportunities for you. We offer our Master Practitioner of Integrative Coaching certification course, which is offered both in-person and online.

If you want to further your professional practice, we invite you to register for the Master Practitioner of Integrative Coaching certification course.

Master Practitioner of Integrative Life Coaching
Are you ready to take your coaching practice to the next level? Are you looking to add new tools to your coaching toolbox to support your clients and your own personal development? IWA invites you to take the next step in developing your coaching practice. As an Integrative Life Coaching, you are already on the leading-edge of the coaching industry. It’s time to elevate your practice and your success, with the Master Practitioner of Integrative Life Coaching certification course.

Deepen and expand personally and professionally. Choose a coaching niche while getting advanced training and certification within all major areas. Learn to further develop your professional career as a master integrative life coach.

The MPILC certification course is a 5-day intensive coach training offered both in-person and online. You will be certified as a master integrative life coach with additional powerful coaching tools and a master-level training in all five niche areas: career coaching, family and relationship coaching, health and wellness coaching, and self-development and spiritual coaching. Upon completion, you will select one of the following certifications:

• Master Practitioner of Integrative Life Coaching
• Relationship and Family Coaching
• Career, Finance, and Performance Coaching
• Health & Wellness Coaching
• Self-Development and Spiritual Coaching

**If you have not completed your Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching (IWLC) certification yet and want to begin the MPILC, we allow you to do so. However, we will not mail your MPILC certification to you until you have passed the IWLC certification. At that point, we send both certifications to you via mail.

The MPILC certification is offered as  a 5-day intensive in-person training or online to be completed at your own pace. The MPILC is taught by Rachel Eva and IWA instructors. You will receive advanced coach training, advanced tools and techniques, and deeper understanding in the 5 major niche areas of coaching.

The outline for the 5-day in-person training is as follows:

Integrative Life Coaching
Day 1
• Deeper tools to help clients as an Integrative Coach no matter what area or niche your coaching practice is, or is moving towards
• You will learn advanced Emotional Clearing Method (ECM) techniques
• Advanced layering and elicitation techniques
• Advanced coaching tools and resources
• Session of niche elicitation to help you clarify your own purpose and to focus on selected niche for next 4 days
• Group coaching in private practice and corporate environments
• Advanced coaching containers
• Hypnosis
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Relationship and Family Coaching
Day 2
• Grief recovery
• Building intentional relationships
• Couples and family coaching
• Mediation
• Family dynamics
• Advanced forgiveness processes
• Attachment of beliefs
• Boundaries and expectations
• Love languages and definitions
• Business of relationship and family coaching

Career, Finance, and Performance Coaching
Day 3
• Goal setting and goal getting
• Create personal and career plans (aka, personal biz plan)
• Client personal business
• Optimized performance
• Roots and fruits
• Purpose elicitation and coaching
• Balance finances
• Balance investment in career (time, energy, money)
• Identifying success and happiness and career
• Coaching for career shifting and transition
• Personality testing and tools
• Business of career, finance, and performance coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching
Day 4
• Nutrition
• Specific nutrition planning
• Sports nutrition
• Intentionality in health (food, moving toward balance, relationship with food)
• Coaching skills for coaching clients with eating disorders and food issues
• Self‐care
• Health‐care management
• Energy medicine
• Movement therapy
• Business of health coaching

Self-Development and Spiritual Coaching
Day 5
• World religion and philosophy
• Spiritual coaching skills and techniques
• Building the bridge to unity
• Spiritual development and skills
• Advanced energy and quantum physics
• Death and dying
• Coaching during tragedy and death (death doula)
• Energy work
• Energy healing
• Developing intuitive skills
• Advanced mediation and teaching of mediation
• Helping your clients create balance in self‐development

As a master integrative life coach, you will be trained in all five niche ares while receiving your certification in the area of your choice.

Each day includes breakthrough techniques like Advanced ECM, Grief Recovery and Trauma coaching, Energy Work, Advanced Layering and Elicitation, Holistic Finances, Building Intentional Relationships, Purpose Discovery, and Career Development Techniques. Gain hands-on experience and practice being both coach and client, while co-creating an immersive experience that you can apply in your coaching practice.

You will also dive deeper into the business of life coaching and how to grow your practice. This training includes how to expand your income through group coaching, seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements.

If you would like to enroll but need to set up a payment plan please email the IWA office. Otherwise, you may register below for either the online course or in-person training in the IWA Store.