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  • Serving The World – IWA donates 100 certification courses to Covenant House
  • Expanding your career for as little as… Why We Created Payment Plan Options
  • NEW IWA COURSE – ECM Practitioner Certification – LIVE TRAINING!

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  • Balance & Self-Care for Coaches
  • Building Relationships to Expand Your Business
  • Incentivizing Referrals
  • Creative Offerings, Start with The End in Mind


IWA donates 100 certification coursesBig news!!! IWA is committed to, and passionate about, service work and creating a positive impact in the world. As part of our philanthropic efforts through our Global Empowerment Initiative, IWA has set up a scholarship fund for Covenant House! We will be giving 100 scholarships to youth ages 18-25 who have experienced homelessness and are on the pathway towards creating a new and better future for themselves. We will be kicking off this scholarship program on July 11th in a live event were our founder, Rachel Eva will be speaking to youth participating in Covenant House’s programs. To read more about the awesome work CH is doing click HERE

Want to give back too? We need 3 more volunteers who are Los Angeles locals to come and assist at the kick-off event. Interested in volunteering? CLICK HERE!

But that’s not all! In the coming months we will also be offering the ability to donate your practicum hours to coach a CH youth in need. Keep your eyes open for an email announcement with more details on that soon.

Expanding your career for as little as… Why We Created Payment Plan Options

It has always been a huge priority and value of IWA’s to make our courses as accessible as possible! We want everyone who wants to gain additional tools, training and education through IWA to be able to do so. Therefore we now have payment plan options for both the Integrative Life Coaching Certification Course and the Master Integrative Life Coaching Certification Course! You can begin your course NOW for as little as…

ILC 3-month payment option $405 (per month for 3 months)

ILC 6-month payment option $210 (per month for 6 months)

MILC 3-month payment option $1,074 (per month for 3 months)

MILC 6-month payment option $545 (per month for 6 months)

NEW IWA COURSE – ECM Practitioner Certification – LIVE TRAINING!

Emotional Clearing Method (ECM) is one of the most powerful healing tools available. Now we are offering ECM as an entire modality to expand your practice! Within the IWLC certification course you learned one foundational approach to Emotional Clearing Method (ECM). We now have an advanced full training to become certified as an ECM Practitioner! This will expand ways you can support your clients in overcoming their core issues, past traumas, limiting emotions and beliefs in order for them to move forward in freedom! In this advanced ECM training you will learn –

  • Foundations of hypnosis
  • Hypnotic patterns
  • The science and history of timeline therapy and hypnosis
  • Timeline therapy model
  • ECM for trauma
  • Situational ECM
  • Advanced ECM
  • Progressive clearing
  • ECM for Anxiety (and other future paced emotional issues)
  • New applications for ECM
  • ECM therapeutic sessions
  • ECM approach to clients
  • ECM practitioner business model

The upcoming LIVE VIRTUAL ECM Practitioner Certification Course will be September 1 – November 1 (8 week course) with each week’s lesson taught LIVE in a virtual environment on Saturday mornings from 10am PST – 11am PST. Concerned you might miss a lesson? Each week’s lesson will be recorded and provided to students for review, so not to worry! No matter what your schedule is, you will be able to participate in this course and gain the knowledge and tools you need to master the skillset of a ECM certified practitioner!

Early bird enrollment now through August 1st – Normally $950, early bird enrollment special $699.

Register today by clicking HERE


Balance & Self-Care for Coaches

Self-Care for practitioners in the helping fields could not be a more critical 
part of a successful business practice.

You shoulder the burdens of many clients and even though you aren’t supposed to take that weight home with you often it happens… even though you aren’t supposed to take on your clients’ problems you may find yourself drained by the weight of their issues.

Being around pain, struggle, challenges and a vast array of negative emotions is taxing on your system!

The weight of your job effects your physical system, draining your energy and taxing your immune system. It can burden your emotional system with the heaviness that your clients are facing. It can take up space in your mental system, or thought life. All of this can cause stress and also deplete the quality of your own life.

So how can you create time, space and self-care rituals to support yourself while at the same time supporting SO many others?

The founder of Integrative Wellness Academy (IWA), Rachel Eva was in private practice as an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach for over 20 years prior to founding IWA in 2010. During her years in private practice, mastering self-care in order to maintain wellness and balance in the mind, body, emotions and spirit was one of the keys to her success both personally and professionally. Here are Rachel’s top 3 recommendations for other coaches…

  1. Create space, time & energy for self-care

Schedule this into your weekly calendar and make it as high of a priority as you would a paying client session.

  1. Determine which type of self-care will give you the highest (and fastest) return

Journal on this and follow your excitement! Try new things from time to time, experiment with new self-care activities and continually expand your self-care options! After a self-care activity or practice, journal, asking yourself, ‘On a level of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how much did this activity or practice replenish me?’

  1. Practice stress reduction & stress management techniques 

As a coach you have many tools in your tool box for stress management and stress reduction but when the going gets tough are you reaching into your Integrative Life Coaching took kit and using your tools for yourself? Set an intention to increase your capacity to deal with life’s stressors while decreasing the stress in your daily life bu picking up and applying your tools.

Building Relationships to Expand Your Business

A note from Rachel Eva…

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!

We can all get easily sucked into social media and online marketing to grow our businesses as coaches. However, the most successful marketing I ever did to expand my business was through DEVELOPING & NOURTURING RELATIONSHIPS. This produces new clients and referrals while also helping you to stay in your lane as a coach and reduce the amount of time you spend on marketing and sales. We all (or most of us) got into coaching with a desire to help people, not a desire to be a sales or marketing person. Invest time to build new relationships and nurture existing relationships and you will see the fruits unfold in your business.

Building and cultivating relationships does require an investment of time, energy and attention so please consider approaching this with a LOT of INTENTIONALITY!

Coffee & Talk

So how do we build relationships in this digital era? Connect! True connection, face to face over tea or coffee (even a virtual coffee date over Skype) cultivates a relationship more deeply than any effective marketing campaign, blog or social media post ever can. When I was still in private practice as a coach I made sure that I scheduled a few coffee dates each week with new contacts to build relationships and also with old or current contacts to cultivate and deepen the relationship.

Here is the most important part… show up with a heart of service NOT your own agenda. Show up and ask how they are, what they are doing and how YOU can be of service to them. Being of service helps others and also opens doors for you to be referred!

Incentivizing Referrals 

Another powerful way to grow your coaching business is to incentivize your current clients in order to gain more referrals. Creating a referral program for people who already know and trust you and your work is a highly effective expansion tool for coaching businesses.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you offer a 12-month coaching program. You could let your clients know that for every referral they send to you, who also enrolls in the 12-month coaching program, that you will give them one free month added onto their current 12-month coaching program. You can also do something like this scaled back to 1,3 or 6 month coaching packages as well.

Creative Offerings, Start with The End in Mind

One of the pitfalls that I see coaches get stuck in is communicating what you do, your services and generally the coach-client relationship to potential clients. I see this communication breakdown show up on coach’s websites, their social media posts and also within their conversations with potential clients. Telling a client that you are an Integrative Life Coach does not tell them what benefit that is to them. When you share what you do for a living, the person you are talking to immediately tries to take this new piece of information and fit it into place to make sense to them. When you don’t clearly explain the puzzle piece they, more often than not, won’t even try to fit it into their puzzle of ‘how this could benefit me’, instead it goes directly into their mental trash bin along with all other ‘non-applicable and not helpful information’.

When we are communicating to potential clients we need to start with the end in mind…the clients internal question ‘how is this helpful to me and my life?’. When communicating, whether via a one-on-one conversation, speaking event, virtual event (such as a Facebook live), through your social media posts or website, ALWAYS ADDRESS THE NEEDS OF THE CLIENT AND HOW YOU CAN HELP.

Here’s are some example…

Ineffective – I am an integrative life coach, want more information on becoming my client?

Effective (niche coaching practice) – I am an integrative life coach who helps new parents achieve balanced lives and increase their capacity to parent successfully.

Effective (niche coaching practice) – I am an integrative life coach who helps single people break unhealthy relationship patterns in order to create more meaningful and fulfilling relationships

Effective (generalist coaching practice) – I’m an integrative life coach who supports clients going through challenging life transitions in order to transform successfully and build the life they want to experience.

Effective (generalist coaching practice) – I help clients overcome the negative patterns and habits that keep them from achieving their goals so that they can effectively create sustainable positive changes in their lives.

Know WHAT problems your potential clients may face and be SPECIFIC about the benefits those clients can experience by working with you. These are known as PAIN POINTS (the negative things that are motivating them to change) and the BENEFITS (the positive outcomes or solutions they would like to experience instead and that you can help them achieve or experience through coaching).