IWLC In-Person Training Videos

In this unit you will be able to watch an entire IWLC in-person training to help you understand the material better. These videos are NOT meant to be a substitute for the entire course content. The videos are an added resource that we provide to online students. If you only watch these videos before taking the entire course you will not be properly prepared to coach or complete your assignments, practicum, and final exam. Please make sure that you have moved through ALL of the lessons prior to watching the training videos.

Remember you are your own first client. Practice the coaching exercises, tools, and techniques on yourself and apply to your own life as you progress through the course.

Writing your notes, thoughts and some of the powerful questions that are taught and discussed within your own Wellness Journal will help you deepen your learning, comprehension and direct experience with all of the tools, techniques and advanced teachings within this program.

Moving forward please add this actionable step to how you do the rest of the program. The best application of all of these elements are in a LEARN, EXPERIENCE, PRACTICE model.