A beautiful article from one of the IWA Instructors, Andrea Leda Wilborn…

I want to share an incredible story today about a woman I get to call a client. She inspires me every single week.

Not just because she shows up and does the work but because she reminds me what is possible when we dig into the depths of who we are…and open a new door.

Before I get to her story let’s talk about this a little – What does it mean to dig into our depths?

First, here’s a little myth I had to learn the hard way. Changing something that’s going wrong in your life isn’t about simply closing the gap.

But you’ve been taught this, right?

Me too. In fact I think this definition of change is even in the International Coach Federation’s description of coaching. Something to this effect – success ishelping you close the gap between where you are and where you desire to be.

Here’s the thing – change isn’t horizontal. It’s vertical. Let me explain.

Closing the gap is external. For example – trying a new strategy for growing your business or building a new plan for staying healthy. These are two things outside of you.

Now I agree that change can occur here. You can alter how you do something and experience a different result.

But I don’t think you want to merely alter something. I think you’re ready to experience a transformation in your life.

This might be a stretch but think about it – why do we hire a therapist? Work with a coach? Attend a life-changing conference? Read the trendy self-help books? Take classes on meditation and prayer? Build in rituals?

We don’t embark on these things to alter single habits like eating chocolate or fighting with our spouse.

We embark on these because we’re searching for an easier, more fulfilling, and peaceful way to live our life.

This isn’t a minor change – it’s a calling from the Self and the Soul to dramatically shift how we do life!

Something that radically shifts how you see yourself and the world, which creates, not just a new result, a whole new way of living.

Transformation is vertical. Transformation requires you to go into the depths of who you are and ask questions like:

What does ‘playing big’ mean to me?

What great impact am I here to create?

What self-limiting stories are on repeat?

What does total fulfillment look and feel like?

What is so compelling about the way I live my life?

What scares me?

What inspires me?

Even if you answer one question – answer it.

If you do this I can promise you that you’ll discover a glimpse of your depth – the things that make you, you.

I call this depth your roots. And this I know for sure –

The Roots you plant are the Fruits you reap.Most of us begin doing change work on the Fruits – we employ new strategies for more money, happier partnerships, more successful businesses, motivation and fulfillment.

But what’s possible if you dug, just a little, into your roots?

Imagine what it would it feel like to be able to totally surrender…to be able to slow down, breath, and create a life that is meaningful and deeply satisfying…

Imagine if you could create a business from peace of mind and not begin with burn our or marketing strategies…

Imagine totally trusting that money flows to you…

This happens in your roots.

Here is what I believe to be true with the entire essence of my being and every fiber in my body –  Change your root, shift what you plant, and you’ll never have to struggle with the details again.

Big promise, I know.

Let me share this story now about a client. I’ll call her Lisa. Lisa is like so many women – her story is significant because it demonstrates the power in going into our roots.

Lisa came to me just before the first leaf fell this fall wanting to radically grow her business.

Lisa is a healer and a recovery coach. She is a single mom with two awesome children. She loves her work and is in her purpose lane. Success wasn’t new for her but she was in a rut. She felt something big was on the horizon…but how to get there?

I describe Lisa as on-purpose, intuitive, and curious. She’s a go-getter, hard-working, independent, and intelligent. Lisa is an empath, a nurturer, and searching for something bigger than her.

She had talked to several other coaches about strategy and goals for making some big changes in the coming months.

Then she came to me. Here’s the thing – I don’t do strategy.

In our first two hours together I shared with her that no strategy or goal would compensate for a story that was no longer serving her.

This story was one of her roots and she was seeing the fruits of this every day.

The old root story: “It’s not safe to be on my own.”

This story may be so simple. But as we peeled back the layers she discovered how this story was not allowing her to be the incredible recovery coach and business owner she could be. It was keeping her business from thriving and ultimately her life from ease.

We never talked about action steps. We never coached around new ideas. We never discussed growth tactics.

We let go of the story and wrote a different one.She planted a new root. And then something that even surprised me happened.

She organically and effortlessly grew her business…

  • Lisa’s revenue increased by 400% in less than 90 days.
  • Her transformative coaching program received plenty of applicant’s and she had to turn people away.
  • She ended a toxic relationship safely and confidently.
  • She de-cluttered her entire home, painted furniture, and made her space a place that inspired her for the first time in her life.

The most remarkable part – She now practices the art of surrender and allowing everyday. She is at peace.

Here’s the magical part – we never talked about strategies for any of her new success. She created this 100% on her own because we planted a new root!

Her new root grew into fruits of money, collaboration, peace, and safety.

I’ve never met a single human being who doesn’t have a story that isn’t interfering with the greatest and grandest version of their life. A root that is not producing the kind of fruit you want –

If you want better relationships, more money, better health, successful business, happiness….Then let’s dive into your stories, beliefs, habits, purpose, fear, and self-worth.

Most of us try pruning the tree when we need to have a look at what we’ve planted. What if you could create the kind of results Lisa did with one story, one root?

Much love and light,