Welcome to our Spring Newsletter!

Spring is a fresh season of newness. We come out of hibernation and out of stagnation that often the winter months produce within us and our lives. It’s now time to wake up, stretch and move forward. It is time to return to sowing seeds so that you can bloom and grow!

In this issue…

  1. Tools & Tips
  2. The Wellness Capsule
  3. Recommended Reading for Coaches
  4. Resources for Your Clients 

Tools & Tips

  1. Mind (the mental system)–

Tip: Nurture your thought life by practicing the ‘Finding The Beauty’ exercise for 30 days!

Tip: Pay attention to where your thoughts tend to drift throughout the day. Journal about what you discover. Then set an intention to FOCUS your thoughts more mindfully on what you WANT to have, do, create and experience. 

  1. Body (the physical system) –

Tip: Drink more water… 8-ounce ounce glasses of water per day is no longer the recommended amount! Many illnesses begin with chronic dehydration. Instead of becoming gung-ho and trying to drink ½ your body weight in water each day, try increasing your water intake by 1 glass for each day in the week.

Tip: Review your financial budget and make adjustments to reduce unnecessary expenses and increase the amount you put towards getting out of debt and saving for the future.

Tool: Grow your business by mastering the business skills specific to coaching with our 12-week online Business Mastery Course HERE

Tool: Expand your earning potential by adding group coaching programs or retreats. Learn how through our Transform Facilitator Course HERE

Tip: Shake off winter energy by getting outside 15-30 minutes a day and MOVING more.

  1. Heart (the emotional system) –

Tip: Emotional stress leads to illness, lack of clarity and decreased energy. Find ways to decrease the emotional stressors while also increasing your capacity to deal with life’s stressors.

Tip: Do more self-care!!! This investment in yourself will yield high returns and have a positive (and productive) outcome on all other areas of life!

Tool: COMING SOON…Heal your life or gain deeper tools to support your clients in healing their lives with our online Emotional Clearing Method Practitioner Certification Course (available late spring) HERE

*3 and 6 month payment plans also available HERE

  1. Soul/Spirit (the spiritual system) –

Tip: As the start of each new season, try meditating on RELEASING blocks, limiting beliefs and negative emotions and THEN focus the meditation on connecting and listening. Try to expand your practice by going just a little deeper this month

Tool: Demystifying Meditation Blog from our founder, Rachel Eva HERE

Tool: Gaining a deeper understanding of connection… read ‘We Are All Related’ HERE

 The Wellness Capsule

We wanted to share some fresh ideas, tips, products, resources and supportive information for spring wellness and balance.

  1. Mind (the mental system)–

 We love these mind tools for balancing the thought life through phone apps… HERE

And if you would love to measure the success of your meditation (and brain waves)… HERE

For those that have a sense of humor or need a good entertaining distraction from negative thoughts here is the famous ‘F-That Visualization’ HERE

  1. Body (the physical system) –

Rock your spring nutrition, Ayurvedic approach to seasonal eating… HERE 

Online yoga classes we love…HERE

Financial tune up? Take this awesome online Financial Foundations Course HERE

 We are LOVING Marie Kondo’s coaching approach in her decluttering program, here’s her book… HERE

For those of you who have or know someone with Thyroid or hormone imbalances… HERE

  1. Heart (the emotional system) –

 Sign up for our Breakthrough Wellness Retreat with your loved one, overcome blocks and take your relationship to the next level… HERE

Gain a deeper understanding of how you and also loved ones are wired with the Enneagram self-test… HERE

Release that resentment through Byron Katie’s FREE worksheet…HERE

  1. Soul/Spirit (the spiritual system) –

Deepen your spiritual practice while also gaining powerful expansion and spiritual coaching tools with our Master Integrative Life Coaching online or in-person certification course… HERE

Recommended Reading for Coaches

  1. Self employed as a coach? Here are some helpful IRS links to prepare you for tax season HERE
  2. Fun energy type article HERE
  3. Getting Clients is all about making connections. Here is a helpful perspective on building connections HERE

Resources for Your Clients

  1. Struggling with all of the conflict in politics today? Unravel attachments and also understand how your own may be causing you pain, The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. HERE
  2. A self-compassion test HERE
  3. Playing Full Out – 10 simple steps to transforming your life by Rachel Eva HERE