As summer draws to a close and both you and your clients are ramping up for the fall, back to school, back to goals and setting plans for the different holiday seasons, it is time for some resources! As Integrative Wellness & Life Coaches, ECM practitioners, Somatic Practitioners or Holistic Life Planners certified through IWA, it is always important to be both updating and expanding your personal knowledge and the resources you have on deck to support or share with your clients.

Here are some links to helpful articles, resources, studies, and even holistic items that may be of service to you and your clients throughout this upcoming season –

Fall Favorite Articles

Coaching Resources

Fall Favorite Healthy Recipes

Back to School Parenting Resources

Optimizing Health for Fall – Healthy Lifestyle & Functional Medicine

Emotional Wellness & Wellbeing

Career & Finances

Spiritual and Self-Development Gems

Relationship Resources

Videos, Podcasts, and Apps… oh My!